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Chromebook Parent Agreement

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AXIS Chromebook Checkout

 Parent Agreement Letter

 Dear Parents and Students,

AXIS International Academy is pleased to provide chromebooks for students to check out for use at home on a temporary basis while the school is in remote learning. This agreement must be signed by the parent/guardian of the enrolled student and the person who would be responsible for payment of any lost or damaged fees.

I confirm that I am the parent/guardian of the AXIS students who will be requesting chromebooks and that I am the person who would be responsible for payment of any loss or damage fees*
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1. The device is to be used exclusively for working on school-related activities and accessing school provided resources such as electronic textbooks, productivity tools, Microsoft Applications and G Suite for Education tools. The device is never to be used for accessing student personal accounts, non-educational websites, unapproved gaming sites or any content that is not part of the AXIS remote learning platform: www.axiscolorado.org/remote_learning/.*
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2. Parents, it is your responsibility to supervise your children when using school-provided technology at all times. Although internet content filters and other security layers are in place when students are on school property, devices that are checked out and taken home are not subject to the same security, and therefore more at-risk of encountering inappropriate content. You are key to the support for promoting responsible and safe use by setting and communicating expectations, supervising activity and monitoring the safe handling and securing of school property while in the possession of students.*
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3. Parents and guardians have an active role in ensuring the continued availability of the devices in helping everyone make certain they are used appropriately and in good working condition every time. *
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4. The school reserves the right to restrict checkout, remove privileges and take appropriate necessary disciplinary action (at Head of School’s discretion) if a student is not upholding their responsibility or exhibits any misconduct with regards to use of the device or for any other reason the Head of School or designee determines.*
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Loss/Theft or Damage: If the property is lost, damaged or not returned, the parent is responsible for the cost of the property on the date of loss. If the device is stolen while at home, the student should contact the police and email a copy of the police report to the school within five school days of the occurrence.

Please see below the repair/replacement costs for each of the loaned items:

Chromebook damage and/or replacement fee $250-$310*
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Chromebook screen damage or replacement fee: $150*
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Headset damage or replacement fee: $25*
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Mouse damage or replacement fee: $10*
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Power Adapter damage or replacement fee: $25*
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Chromebook Check Out: Please list below the name(s) and grade(s) of the students for which you would like to check out a chromebook kit (includes chromebook + charger, headset and mouse). Please note, chromebooks are only available for students in grades K-5.

If you are a home school family, we are only issuing one chromebook PER family at this time. 


Student 1: Grade
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Student 2: Grade
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Student 3: Grade
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By typing my name (first and last) in the box below, I agree to adhere to the stipulations listed above and I understand that if I do not return any of the loaned items, or I return them damaged, that I (as a parent or guardian of the student(s) listed below) am responsible for the damage/replacement fee. 

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