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About Dr. Molina

My favorite food:
Tex-Mex or New Orleans Creole Cuisine

My favorite activity:
Gardening, reading, having friends over, cooking for my family, learning and growing personally and professionally

Language(s) I speak:
English and Spanish

Places I’ve been or want to go:
Many areas of Mexico, Chile, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Many states in the US
I am in education because…
It’s my calling and my passion.

More about my life and education...
PhD - School Psychology - University of Northern Colorado
MS - Counseling - The University of Houston - Clear Lake
BA - Psychology and Spanish - Southwestern University - Georgetown, TX. Licensed as a Spanish Teacher, School Counselor and Psychologist. Experience with all levels from Early Childhood to High School. My greatest passion is working with young children and families from diverse backgrounds. I have three children: 11, 8 and 5 and a dog named “Sugar.”