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About Mr. DeBar

My favorite foods:
Thai food

My favorite activities:
Playing hockey and skiing. Anything in a cold environment.
Language(s) I speak:
English, French and a little sign language. Plus as many languages as I can to say “Thank you” and “Hello.”
Places I’ve been or want to go:
My favorite place I’ve been is Chamonix, France where I worked as a ski instructor.
I would like to go to Alaska.
I am a teacher because…
I believe in the power of making people believe in themselves.

More about my life and education...
I have my teaching license in Health and French. I studied at a university in Pau, France for a year. My teaching background has spanned different countries from Switzerland to France and differents states from Minnesota to Colorado. I love the diversity of teaching. One of my favorite teaching environments was spending time teaching skiing in France and sports in Geneva, Switzerland.