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About Ms. Robinson

My favorite food:
Vegetarian Chinese

My favorite activity:

Language(s) I speak:
English and Mandarin Chinese

Places I’ve been or want to go:
Originally from Connecticut, I lived in China for 13 years. I have also traveled the US extensively,and spent time in Hawaii, Italy, and Japan. I would like to travel to everywhere I haven’t been!

I am a teacher because…
I love children and language education. As an American fluent in Chinese, I know how to best approach learning Mandarin and how to make it fun and successful!

More about my life and education...
In China I was totally immersed in Chinese language and culture, and I also studied extensively at the Zhong Yuan Language School in Taipei. While in China, I also opened an English language school and taught English to Chinese and Japanese children. Returning to America, I pursued a BA in Chinese at Brigham Young University and minored in Math. I went on to receive a MA from CU Boulder in Chinese Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. I have taught Chinese at CU Boulder, CSU, and various elementary and middle schools in Colorado, as well as private instruction from my home. I am also a certified secondary school math teacher.