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About Madame Gravelle

My favorite food:
Une assiette de crudités

My favorite activity:

Language(s) I speak:
English and French, some German and Spanish

Places I’ve been or want to go:
France, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England, Ireland, Canada, and several states in the U.S. I would love to go to China to see my former Chinese colleagues and to Australia.

I am a teacher because…
It is the most rewarding and noble profession in the world. If I can connect with a child emotionally or enhance the learning of a child through language acquisition, I have given back to society on a global level and my life has made a difference because it has touch another’s.

More about my life and education...
I am a “cheese head” from Wisconsin. 27 years ago, I fell in love with my husband (a former French student for only 2 lessons) who is a native Coloradoan physicist/ math teacher. We have 2 beautiful girls that I raised bilingual in French, and a tuxedo kitten, Lolo, who is 10 months old. I’ve been teaching French for 34 years (preschool-university) and English for 4 years. I have lived and studied French in Rennes, Paris, and Grenoble (for Masters’ work in French literature).