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About Ms. Martinez

My favorite food:
Do I have to choose one?!

My favorite activity:
Waking up to greet the dawn and snuggling down into the restful arms of the night.
Language(s) I speak:
English, Spanish, French (and I’ve played and dabbled with half a dozen more because languages are so much fun!)

Places I’ve been or want to go:
A forest where butterflies fly through the air in living streams of gold and orange, an underground pool lit by candlelight, a hillside where deer leap through pink powder in early morning light.

I am a teacher because…
I love to learn and believe that the best hope of all humankind is to invest in the next generation.

More about my life and education...
I was born and raised in Colorado, earned a B.S. from Colorado State University in Psychology and Spanish and a M.A. in Education for Linguistically Diverse Learners from the University of Northern Colorado. Met the love of my life in a Spanish conversation class, we have raised three daughters (all of whom are bi- or multi-lingual).