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About Ms. Wang

My favorite food:
Coffee, Dark Chocolate. And pears!
My favorite activity:
Photography,Painting,Hiking, Pingpong and reading
Language(s) I speak:
English and Mandarin
Places I’ve been or want to go:
My favorite places I have been are Colorado and Yunan, China. I plan to climb Long’s Peak this summer.
I am a teacher because…
I like working with kids. I think I’m not only sharing knowledge, but also shaping values, and building character. I’m helping young minds wrestle with big ideas. It’s the best work!
More about my life and education...
I am originally from China. I have a Bachelor’s in Visual Art and Design. Spent 10 years teaching art, Chinese and homeschooling my kids. I love to apply my art and design background to teaching Chinese to make learning creative, fun and easy.