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Policies and Procedures


AXIS International Academy (AXIS) believes that, as adults, we must model healthy and respectful communication for our students. AXIS is committed to promoting healthy communication among students, parents, teachers, and administrators and encourages AXIS community members to express any concerns directly with the individual involved so that the school’s focus can be kept on student learning. This process is designed to support prompt and equitable resolution of disagreements at the lowest possible faculty or administrative level. AXIS and the grievant will agree to keep the details of the grievance confidential where possible.  

Discipline Policy

The AXIS Board of Directors supports the vision and mission of AXIS, which is to provide all students the opportunity to achieve the knowledge, skills, and languages necessary to become thriving citizens of character in our local and global communities. Students should have the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge, and competencies in a nurturing and accountable school setting. Students should receive effective and engaging teaching, with differentiated curriculum, instruction, and assessment designed to address the needs of our diverse learners. Students have a right to attend schools that are safe and free from unnecessary disruption. The Board believes that proper student conduct, reinforced by an effective discipline program, is essential to create and maintain a positive school climate. This is the joint responsibility of students, staff, parents, and the community.    

AXIS Enrollment Policy
AXIS International Academy is a State Institute Charter School and is open free of charge to any child who resides in the state of Colorado in any district, meets minimum age requirements set forth by state law and school policy, and has not been expelled from a school in the preceding 12 months. Kindergarten students must meet a minimum age of 5 years by October 1. Students are eligible for first grade if they are a minimum age of 6 years by October 1.

AXIS Wellness Policy

Under Federal and State law, each Charter School Institute Food Authority school participating in federal Child Nutrition Programs is required to adopt this policy including the items outlined herein. The Charter School Institute Food Authority will work with schools to develop, implement, monitor, review, and as necessary, revise the Wellness Policy. The main nutrition contact, or other designee, at each school participating in Child Nutrition programs shall coordinate and monitor the implementation of this policy at his/her school, including completion of a bi-annual policy assessment. The Charter School Food Authority will establish and maintain a Wellness Committee to monitor the implementation of this policy, evaluate progress on policy goals, serve as a resource to schools, and recommend revisions to this policy as deemed necessary and/or appropriate. Additionally, each Charter School Institute Food Authority school can adopt their own School Wellness Policy which shall not be less restrictive than the language included in this policy.

Acceptable Use of Confidential Electronic Systems and Information 

This policy is designed to prevent the unauthorized access and/or use of AXIS’s confidential network, email, software, documents and information, including personally identifiable information, health records, and student education records (hereinafter “Confidential AXIS Electronic Systems and Information”). View .pdf below for policy in full.