Employee Handbook and Procedures


Safety can only be achieved through teamwork. We encourage each staff member to practice safety awareness by thinking defensively, anticipating unsafe situations, and reporting unsafe conditions immediately. Staff members have the responsibility to keep themselves updated on all information related to health and safety at school.


Please observe the following precautions:

  • Notify a Supervisor or 911 of any emergency situation. If you are injured or become sick at work, no matter how slightly, you must inform your supervisor immediately.
  • The unauthorized use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances during working hours will not be tolerated. The possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drug substances on the school's property is forbidden.
  • Use machines and equipment only if you are trained and qualified to do so.
  • Get help when lifting or pushing heavy objects.
  • Understand your job fully and follow instructions. If you are not sure of the safe procedure, do not guess… ask your supervisor.
  • Know the locations of first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

Sick calls should be made to the employee’s immediate Supervisor prior to 10:00 p.m. the night before or prior to 6:00 a.m. the day of illness. The employee must make the call himself/herself and at a minimum leave a message. Failure to call in pursuant to these guidelines may result in docked pay, a reprimand and/or termination. Once all PTO is used in a school year, the employee will be docked for additional days at his/her pay rate. All requests for PTO must be approved by your immediate supervisor prior to the absence requested.


The employer has the right to ask for a physician's note in cases when an illness is reason for absence at any time, and a note is required if the staff member is absent for more than 3 days in one week due to illness.


You will find a list of our currently approved AXIS subs on the spreadsheet here. Please make every attempt to arrange for your own sub. If you are too sick, or unable to schedule a sub, please reach out to your supervisor:

  • Kari Anne Calarco: 970-817-0355 (cell)
  • Jenny Whitaker: 970-403-7338 (cell)



PTO is not provided as vacation days, but is intended to be used for doctor’s or other personal appointments, or when an employee is absent because of a medical need; a medical need of the employee’s family; a death of a family member or friend; a major family/individual event (e.g. weddings, graduations, etc.); personal legal/court appearances; emergencies; or a personal reason. PTO should be scheduled in advance by use of the PTO request form.


Eligible full time and part time employees receive PTO hours. Employees who receive vacation benefits may not use personal days for vacation time. Exempt employees earn their temporary leave based on contracted workdays and hours per day. Non-exempt employees accrue their temporary leave based on actual hours worked, and paid leave time allowed.  

Salaried Employee

Work Hours Per Day

PTO Leave Per Contract Year

9-month employee

8 or more hours

48 hours

10-month employee

8 or more hours

56 hours

11-month employee

8 or more hours

64 hours

12-month employee

8 or more hours

72 hours


PTO Allowable Carryover – Year to Year

Employees may carry over up to one full year’s unused allotment of PTO into the new school year.

Example: A teacher receives an allotment of six days (48 hours) of PTO for the school year. They use only three (3) days. They can carryover those 3 days to the next year. They can never carryover more than the unused yearly allotment. For example: If a teachers uses no PTO for two (2) years, they would have 12 PTO days at the end of the second year, they would only be allowed to carryover one (1) full year’s allotment into the next year, which would be six (6) days.


No PTO compensation will be paid to employee upon separation from AXIS.


PTO is NOT accrued, so in the event of termination of employment there is no payout of any unused balance of PTO to the exiting employee.



At AXIS personal appearance, hygiene, and professional attire are very important to create a positive learning environment. A professional image must be maintained to instill confidence in the minds of our students and community. This helps ensure AXIS’ success. Employees are expected to wear appropriate professional attire while on campus, and when attending school events and activities. Employees’ professional attire must exceed the student dress code, thus cultivating a climate of respect and support for the students.


All employees are required to wear a school issued identification card at all times while on school property or acting as a school employee. Identification cards are to be worn so that they are visible on the outermost garment above the waist.


It is the intent of AXIS to establish general guidelines for dress. Employees are asked to comply with the following principles in choosing work apparel that is appropriate to the work being performed:


  • Maintain a neat and clean appearance, keeping dress modest and moderately conservative.
  • Expectations for staff dress must exceed the specifications of the student dress code.
  • Maintain a professional appearance and dress in a manner consistent with work responsibilities.
  • Examples of clothing not allowed include: blue jeans, t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, muscle shirts, excessively short skirts, and “spaghetti” strap dresses or tops. The omission of a specific item or appearance standard does not automatically permit its wear.
  • Visible tattoos or body piercing (aside from earrings) are not permitted.
  • Employees whose work routinely requires that they perform physical activity may wear appropriate casual attire that is in good repair, including jeans and closed-toe casual shoes such as athletic shoes. (For example, the PE teacher could wear athletic shoes and a warm-up suit.) Employees should always consider safety and professionalism in choosing their work attire.