Family Programming at AXIS: AXIS Preschool and AXIS Childcare 

As a preschool through 5th grade organization, AXIS is excited to offer preschool and childcare. AXIS Preschool offers full-time or part-time edu-care (education + childcare) program options and follows the AXIS K-5 schedule and calendar (click to access). The preschool program is the best preparation for the K-5 program and includes daily language immersion and Core Knowledge content delivered through play-based teaching and learning. The first day of school is August 18 for our preschoolers only. If you are not scheduled to attend Tuesdays, your child's first day will be Wednesday, August 19.  


AXIS Childcare is provided during before and after school hours and during school vacation and holidays for families that need year-round care for children aged 3-12 years (separated appropriately by age). Pending public health conditions, AXIS plans to offer AXIS Childcare in the event K-5 schools must close, but childcare can remain open to serve families. 

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The Unique AXIS Preschool Programming: Language Immersion and Core Knowledge

What sets AXIS Preschool apart? Language Immersion and Core Knowledge. Two highly beneficial elements synthesized in one program. AXIS Preschool includes 90+ minutes of integrated daily language immersion in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, or French taught by a "partner language" teacher who is a native or native-like speaker with teaching experience. AXIS also includes the highly successful Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence. English teachers and partner language teachers work together to best meet the needs of kids. AXIS follows state guidelines on child to teacher ratios. Our French and Mandarin classes are smaller offering a smaller student to teacher ratio. Many of our parents choose to have their child learn Mandarin or French through preschool through 5th grade, and then it is easy to add Spanish in middle and high school. Consider giving your child the gift of THREE languages, all while receiving an excellent education in English!

Language Immersion

At AXIS our languages other than English are called "partner" languages, as we prioritize the learning of English and French, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish. Students spend part of their day learning in English with peers the same age as them in a 3-year old class or a 4-year old class, and then during language immersion time, children are grouped by language in a mixed-age setting (3 and 4-year olds together) in the Spanish, French, or Mandarin Chinese classroom. 
The partner language provides an immersion environment. The partner language teachers uses strategies proven to encourage language acquisition, and she builds oral and listening skills through activities and experiences. The partner language teacher brings in stories, art, music, and cultural artifacts from countries that speak the language. An English teacher assists the partner language teacher during this time. Language classes are capped, and language choice is available on a first-come, first served basis. If you are interested in smaller child to teacher ratios, we encourage you to select French or Mandarin Chinese as your child's partner language.
Core Knowledge Preschool Scope and Sequence
In addition to language immersion, AXIS fosters growth in knowledge and skills through the content-rich Core Knowledge preschool sequence. During same-age English learning time, students are engaged in a content-rich, developmentally-appropriate environment where teachers construct teacher-directed and child-directed learning experiences and activities aligned with the Core Knowledge curriculum.
“The Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence is a set of model guidelines describing fundamental competencies and specific knowledge that, for children from three to five years of age, can provide a solid, coherent foundation for later learning in kindergarten and beyond."
"The Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence is the result of a long process of research and critical review...resulting in a synthesis of exemplary practice and experience, both in the United States and abroad (France, Japan, Korea, and Italy)... The programs and practices have been empirically validated with millions of young children (here and) elsewhere in the world." More about the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence can be found here.
This sequence includes building knowledge and skills in these areas: movement and coordination, social emotional development, language skills, visual arts, music, mathematics, history and geography, and science. Teachers work to integrate content areas together.

Flexible Schedule for 3 and 4 Year Old Full and Part Day

7:00-8:00 Before School Care: child-directed play

8:00-8:15 Flexible drop off: Child-directed play

8:15 School Day Starts

English Learning Time (Same Age)

8:15-8:30 English Circle Time

8:30-8:50 English Small Groups (Cross-curricular: Literacy, Science, Math)

8:50-9:00 Bathroom break

Language Immersion Time (Mixed Age)

9:00-9:15 Partner language circle time

9:15-9:30 Snack 

9:30-10:30 Partner language centers

10:30-10:45 Partner language music and movement

10:45-11:00 Partner language small group

English Learning Time (Same Age)

11:00-11:10 Bathroom break 

11:10-11:30 Outdoor Time or Lunch

11:40-12:10 Outdoor Time or Lunch

12:15 Half-day dismissal

12:45-1:05 English Read Aloud and Literacy

1:05-2:05 Rest/Quiet time activities (nap, look at books, puzzles) 

2:05-2:25 Outdoor time

2:25-3:05 English Centers (Cross-curricular: Literacy, Science, Math) 

3:05-3:15 Goodbye circle 

3:15 Full day dismissal

3:15-5:30 After school programming: outside play, snack, whole and small group play/activities and games.

3:25-4:25 AXIS Preschool Enrich (type "enrich" into the search bar above to view enrichment opportunities provided at AXIS by local organizations: Mighty Kicks, Amazing Athletes, and Playcrafter Kids) (Will be available if public health conditions allow, information will be shared with enrolled families).

Calendar, Program Options, and Tuition

AXIS International Preschool operates on the same school year calendar August through end of May in alignment with AXIS International Academy Kindergarten through 5th grade. A separate summer and holiday childcare option (AXIS Childcare) is available from the end of May through August and some school holidays for children aged 3 years through 12 years. Please contact the Director of Family Programs regarding additional details on AXIS Childcare.
Tuition is listed below and paid at a rate per month, due at the end of the previous month. To enroll, first complete our quick online interest form to ensure there is a space available. Once space availability is confirmed, you can complete and submit the forms below. Enrollment and language class placement is first-come, first-served.
  • Preschool - 3 and 4 Year Old Options:
    • 8:15am-3:15pm Full day and full week M/T/W/Th/F $800*
    • 8:15am-12:15pm Part day and full week M/T/W/Th/F $575
    • 8:15am-12:15pm Part day and part week M/T/W/Th $475
    • 8:15am-3:15pm Full day and part week T/Th $385 (only a few spots left!)
    • 8:15am-12:15pm Part day and part week T/Th $335 (only a few spots left!)
  • Additional Program Options for 3 or 4 Year Olds:
    • Full time, full week children may add daily before and after school care for $350 per month, a total of $1150 for daily 6:30am-5:30pm care and preschool or only afterschool care for $300 per month.
    • 6:30am-8:00am Before school care (drop in $13/day)
    • 12:15pm-3:15pm Extended day for children attending part day, part week (drop in $6/hour)
    • 3:15pm-5:30pm After school care (drop in $17/day)
Tuition and fees are subject to change. 


Preschool Enrolled Student Forms 

We are happy that AXIS Preschool is one program within AXIS International Academy. Please see all enrollment details our website at The process is summarized below.


Required forms:

    • Please visit our Enrollment -> Enrollment Steps page for enrollment steps and required forms. 


Other Important Enrollment Details

The annual registration fee of $85, can be paid through the Procare system (childcare software) or by stopping by AXIS front office during summer hours (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30-4:00pm). You may also mail a check to AXIS 2130 W. Horsetooth Road, Fort Collins, CO 80526. If you are a returning family, you should be able to access your Procare account at If you are a new family, please click here to learn how to set up your account. The Procare system is the system you will use for payment, and it is also the system you will use to check your child in and out each day. Children should be 3 years of age on or before the first day of attendance and potty-trained.  


Children are asked to bring their own labeled:  

  • Sunblock  
  • Nut-free lunch in lunchbox or purchase school lunch and nut-free snack 
  • Water bottle 
  • Extra set of clothes (in case of accident)
  • Any children staying all day will need to bring a crib sheet on Mondays for their rest cot and take these home for washing on Fridays.

Please remember to put your child’s name on everything they bring to preschool.  


School Lunches 

AXIS is fortunate to have an excellent lunch option made locally in the CEC (Colorado Early Colleges) scratch kitchen with ingredients sourced from local farms. These lunches are available for purchase for $4 each day. In addition to typical health code practices, special adaptations will be made to follow COVID preventative practices for food handling.  

Inclement Weather Procedures

AXIS COVID-19 Protocols and Practices 

AXIS will be implementing all public health requirements as we move into the school year. If public health conditions allow childcare centers to operate and AXIS family demand is sufficient, AXIS Preschool will remain open. This may include times where orders may require the K-5 to close, as was experienced in March 2020. Please visit the DRAFT AXIS Continuation of Learning Working Document  if you would like to view additional information. You can find the public health requirements from Larimer County here and from the Colorado Department of Education here. 


To help gather stakeholder input on returning to school amidst COVID-19, the AXIS School Accountability Committee has expanded to become the AXIS Return to School Committee. This committee includes community members, AXIS staff, and AXIS parents across languages and ages of children. We are fortunate to have parent members who are epidemiologists/infectious disease doctor, mental health professionals, and who have other expertise. These members are all participating on this committee to guide decision-making. We are very grateful to be a small school with the autonomy to follow public health requirements to do what is best for our AXIS children, families, and staff. Specific details on how all of these practices will be integrated at AXIS will be shared around July 20, a month before school starts.