Enrich After School Classes

(Don't forget to go through the bullet points at the bottom! 🙌)
AXIS International Academy and AXIS International Preschool are excited to offer after school enrichment opportunities to our families. 👏
Get ready for a fantastic line-up! 
* Please note! *
Classes will now be running 5 minutes sooner from 3:20pm-4:20pm, with parent pick up at 4:20pm. Please make sure you are on time to pick up your student after class!
Enrich classes will take place daily for both elementary and preschool (separate schedules and catalogs below). Classes start directly after school*, from
3:20-4:20pm with parent pick-up in the school cafeteria promptly at 4:20pm.
*On all days, elementary school Enrich participants will go to room 107 and wait for their Enrich teacher to pick them up. Most school days end at 3:10pm with Enrich classes from 3:20-4:20pm. On Thursdays when AXIS has early release, Enrich classes start at 2:10pm and go until either 3:10pm or 4:20pm depending on the class and if you register for one or two class options (see the schedule below).

Preschool children will remain in their classrooms for pick-up by their Enrich vendor. After class, the Enrich vendor will drop them back off in room 115 to be picked up by their parents.
Take a look at our Enrich after school schedules below. ⬇️
Note that there are both Elementary and Preschool options. Below each weekly schedule, you'll find a .pdf file that includes the full catalog of class information. These files also include registration information for each class.**
**Registration for Enrich is completed directly with each company, and isn't achieved through AXIS. Please ensure to follow the registration information for the companies you'd like to take classes from in the below, attached Enrich catalogs.
💡Oh, one more IMPORTANT thing before we jump into the schedule for our Enrich Spring session from March 23rd -May 15th.

Because we don't want our Enrich vendors to take care of children beyond their class period, we now require all elementary school Enrich enrollees to also register for BASE Camp (if not already registered). 
Children who aren't picked up within 10 minutes of the class-end time will be entered into BASE Camp for that afternoon. The BASE Camp afternoon fees are $17.
Register for BASE Camp here:
(no need to turn in immunizations)

Unfortunately, your elementary child will not be able to participate in Enrich if they are not also registered for BASE Camp. If you come across any issues registering for BASE Camp, please call Marie at 970-266-1734.

The Elementary & Preschool Enrich Schedule ➡️
The Elementary & Preschool Enrich catalog with a description and registration instructions for every class ➡️
Check-out the school calendar ⬇️. The winter session is in purple.
If there is no school, there is no Enrich. If school is open, Enrich is on!
What's next? ➡️
Prior to March 23rd...
🔘Choose the classes you'd like to enroll your children in,
🔘Follow the registration instructions from that company in the catalog (.pdfs linked above),
🔘If you're not yet registered, register for BASE Camp via the instructions near the top (elementary only),
🔘If you haven't yet filled one out this year, fill out one of these waivers per student and turn it into the front desk or scan and email it to enrich@AXIScolorado.org (both elementary and preschool),
🔘Email us at enrich@AXIScolorado.org with any questions