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AXIS Family Programs (Before & After Care, School Out Days, etc.)

AXIS Family Programs


AXIS Family Programs supports Preschool through 5th grade families by providing the following options to meet childcare needs:  


  • Before and After School Care:  (Fee-based)
    • Preschool - 5th Grade
  • School's Out Day:  (Fee-based)
    • Preschool - 5th Grade
All childcare rates and associated fees and costs can be found in the Family Programs Policies (click here)

Before and After School Care:

Fee-based Before and After School Care is available for AXIS Preschool and K-5 students. 

Before Care Dropped off 7:00-7:45am
After Care Picked up 3:10-4:00pm
  Picked up 4:01-5:30pm Additional $10 ($15 total)
School's Out Days:
Fee-based childcare is available to currently enrolled AXIS Preschool and K-5 students for $35/day/child on regularly scheduled "School's Out Days." 
  • AXIS School Year Calendar
  • SOD Registration
  • Cancellations less than three days in advance may be charged the full fee.
  • Lunch is NOT PROVIDED on School Out Days

SOD Date(s):

Last day to register:

September 16

September 8

October 13

October 6

November 10-11 (Nov 10 movie: A Bug's Life; Nov 11 movie: Toy Story)

November 3

January 3 (movie: Wall-e)

December 29

February 20 (movie: Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon)

February 16

April 28

April 20

May 12

May 4

May 26

May 18

Family Programs billing is posted by the 5th of each month and due by the 15th.
Billing is posted on the 5th each month for Family Programs services for the prior month. For example, students who attend before/after care during the month of September can expect to see their bill for the month of September posted by October 5th.  
Beginning November 1, 2021 billing will be based off family schedules (for information on how to create your child's schedule, see "Procare Scheduling" below. Families will be charged based off the schedule their child is signed up for, whether or not the child attends. Schedules can be made up to 12 weeks in advances, but schedules cannot be altered or deleted three days before the week begins. If you need an urgent change to your schedule and have missed this cut-off period, you must email us no later than noon on the day of scheduled care (see below for email information). Refunds will not be issued for changes made after noon on the day of scheduled care. 
Instructions how to cancel scheduled days outside of scheduling window:
If you need to remove scheduled days outside of the cut off window, please email [email protected]  and use the subject header "Procare Scheduling: <<Month of Change>>" For example, to remove care from your child's November Schedule, use the subject "Procare Scheduling: November" Inside the body of the email, please indicate your request of deleting care. 
Payment MUST be made via Payment cannot be made via Procare Connect or the Procare app.
To make payment, follow these steps:
1. Go to
2. Enter your email address (the email you have on file with AXIS International Academy) and choose Secure Login.
3. Enter the confirmation code sent to your email, choose a password, and press Submit.
4. Then you may:
a. View your child’s account and more.
b. Use the Pay button to make a payment with your card.
Beginning November 1, 2021 all students who attend Before/After Care, or School Out Days, must sign up in advance via the Procare scheduling feature. 
(also see Step-by-Step Guide below)
Important Reminders:
  • To use the scheduling feature, you must be logged into via the desktop browser. Scheduling is not available via the Procare app.
  • Schedules can be made weekly, up to 12 weeks in advance.  Be sure to check the AXIS School Calendar for School Out Days and Holidays. 
  • Schedules cannot be altered (days cannot be added or deleted) three days before the week begins (i.e. by Thursday at midnight for the following week). If you need an urgent change to your schedule and have missed the cut-off period, please see below for instructions on adding or removing scheduled days.  
  • Billing will be based off the schedules. Students will be charged for the program (before/after care, School Out Days) regardless of attendance. Staffing is built around these schedules, so any changes to the schedule must follow the process outlined below.
How to Add/Remove Scheduled Days Outside of the Procare Window:
  • Adding Before/After Care: You may complete our Change of Care (CoC) form to add these days to your child's schedule. Please note, this form MUST be received no later than noon on the date of care. 
  • Removing Before/After Care: If your child is scheduled to attend care, but you no longer need the care, please complete the Change of Care (CoC) no later than noon on the day of scheduled care. If the form is not received by noon, you will be billed for the scheduled care. 
  • School's Out Day Care (including School's Out Day Before/After Care): AXIS School Out days are staffed two weeks in advance, thus changes to School's Out Day are not guaranteed. 
    • Adding Care (Before/After or School's Out Day Care): Please complete the Change of Care (CoC) form no later than 48 business hours in advance of care date. An AXIS Staff member will reach out to you to indicate if there is availability on the requested date. Completion of this form does not guarantee that space is available. 
    • Removing Care (Before/After or School's Out Day Care): If you previously signed up for care on a School's Out Day and need to remove the care from your child's schedule, please complete the School's Out Day section of the  Change of Care (CoC) form. This form must be completed 48 business hours in advance of the School's Out Day in order to have the charge removed from your account. Changes made less than 48 business hours in advance will still be charged the full fee for care. 
Step By Step Guide of Procare Scheduling:
  • Step one: Log into My Procare (desktop version only. Scheduling is not available via the app) 
Main Screen
     -Once signed in, this main screen will appear.  From here, click account schedule.
  • Step two: Click Quick View Schedule for child.  
account sched
     -Select child on scroll down box in select name.
  • Step three:  Add items to your schedule
add items
     -Choose a week to sign up for and an event, i.e. Before Care, After Care, or School Out days.  
  • Step four:  Adding events  
choose week
     -For this example, the week of 10/17 - 10/23 is selected and the event used is Before Care and After Care.  All boxes for these events from Monday through Friday are selected.  Click Save.  The next screen to appear will give you a quick view option, click quick view (this will show you the entire calendar month, events signed up for that are color coded). 
     -Each event is color coded.  If more than four events are signed up for on one day, the numerical date with be underlined instead of showing each color.   
  • Deleting Events: 
     -From the schedule quick view screen, click delete items.  The above screen will appear.  Choose the date you would like to modify.  Orange trash cans will appear next to the event.  Click the trash can to delete.  Save changes.  Below, you can see before and after care have been deleted and after care from 4:01-5:30p remains on the schedule.  
  • School Out Days:
     -Thursday and Friday for the 21st and 22nd have been selected.  Click save.  On the next page click quick view. 
     -You can see Thursday and Friday, the 21st and 22nd have been underlined.  All events have been added for these days.  
  • View individual day schedule:
     -Under students name, click schedule.  You can see the current day and their schedule.  Use the arrows on the bottom to see past and future days.