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AXIS Family Programs (Before & After Care, School Out Days, etc.)

AXIS Family Programs


AXIS Family Programs supports Preschool through 5th grade families by providing the following options to meet childcare needs:  


  • AXIS Preschool: (Tuition-based)
    • Ages 3-5 years
  • Before and After School Care:  (Fee-based)
    • Ages 3-12 years
  • School's Out Day:  (Fee-based)
    • Ages 3-12 years
AXIS Family Programs Facilities, Health, and Safety Information
  • AXIS Family Programs facilities, health, and safety procedures are outlined on our website.
  • All children must be registered in AXIS Family Programs and have all required paperwork completed before attending.
    • Per state licensing - Children will not be able to attend if this paperwork is not complete. 
  • Daily Reminders:  Each day, please remember to:
      • Conduct the daily household COVID symptom check
      • Put sunblock on your child.
        • Please also bring a bottle of spray sunscreen (to minimize close contact and touching) labeled with your child‘s name to be left onsite. 
      • Bring the following items daily labeled with your child's name:
        • mask (extras are recommended)
        • snack
        • water bottle
      • ***Lunch is provided; however, if your child has dietary preferences or constraints, they are welcome to bring a lunch from home that does not need to be reheated.***
    • Preschoolers will need a cot/crib sheet, blanket, and small pillow.
      • These will be sent home every Friday for laundering.  
    • Please remind your child to follow the AXIS 3Rs (respect, responsibility, and relationships) and 3Ws (Wash your Hands, Wear your Mask, and Watch your distance) - both in and out of school. 
    • School uniform dress code is not required for Family Programs 

Family Programs Drop off and Pick up Procedures: 

  • The AXIS Family Programs drop-off/pick-up location is at the preschool gate on the west side of the building.
  • Masks are required for everyone during drop-off and pick-up. 
  • All family members must remain in their car with their child until an AXIS staff member has conducted a symptom and temperature check.
    • Please have your car window down for this assessment.  
    • If a child has a temperature of 100.4 or above, they will be asked to return home and follow the Return to School protocol.
  • Children may ONLY exit and enter their car from the passenger side in order to ensure safety. 
  • Children will wash hands immediately upon arrival. 
    • Keeping hand sanitizer or wipes in your car is also recommended

Lunch, Snack, and Water Bottle

Please plan to have your child bring their lunch, a snack, and a freshly washed and filled water bottle every day. All preschoolers who begin 8/18 will need to bring their own lunch in their lunch box. We will not be able to warm up food during the pandemic. Beginning the week of 8/24 “grab and go” sack lunches will be available, but families must preorder. Preschoolers through 5th graders who have completed the Free/Reduced lunch application and qualify for free or reduced lunch will receive this meal for free, families who do not qualify may purchase the grab and go lunch for $4.10. For details on purchasing lunch, please visit the nutrition section of our website here Please email and remind your child's teacher/group leader of any allergies AND make sure it is noted on your paperwork.

Family Programs tuition rates and fees
All childcare rates and associated fees and costs can be found in the Family Programs policies (click here) We are happy that AXIS Preschool is one program within AXIS International Academy. For enrollment steps (click here).
Inclement Weather Procedures

Before and After School Care (Preschool - 5th):

Fee-based Before and After School Care is available for AXIS Preschool and K-5 students. 

  • Before and After Care sign up.
  • Rates are per day, per student.
    • Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be charged the full fee.
  • All children must be registered in AXIS Family Programs and have all required paperwork completed before attending.
      • Children will not be permitted to attend if this paperwork is not complete. 
Before Care Dropped off 7:00-7:30am
  Dropped off 7:31-7:45am
After Care Picked up 2:40-4:00pm
  Picked up 4:01-5:30pm Additional $5 ($15 total)
Friday Extended Care
(K - 5th ONLY)
Fridays, 1:00-3:00pm $8
School's Out Days (Ages 3-12 years):
Fee-based childcare is available to currently enrolled AXIS Preschool and K-5 students for $35/day/child on regularly scheduled "School's Out Days." 

SOD Date:

Registration opens:

Last day to register:

February 15th

February 1st

February 5th

March 16th

March 2nd

March 6th

April 30th

April 16th

April 20th

All children must be registered in AXIS Family Programs and have all required paperwork completed before attending.
    • Per state licensing - Children will not be able to attend if this paperwork is not complete. 

Covid-19 Prevention Protocol: 

AXIS COVID-19 Protocols and Practices

AXIS will be implementing all public health requirements as we move into the school year. If public health conditions allow childcare centers to operate and AXIS family demand is sufficient, AXIS Preschool will remain open. This may include times where orders may require the K-5 to close, as was experienced in March 2020. Please visit the DRAFT AXIS Continuation of Learning Working Document if you would like to view additional information. You can find the childcare public health requirements from Larimer County here: and from the Colorado Department of Education here:
To help gather stakeholder input on returning to school amidst COVID-19, the AXIS School Accountability Committee has expanded to become the AXIS Return to School Committee. This committee includes community members, AXIS staff, and AXIS parents across languages and ages of children. We are fortunate to have parent members who are epidemiologists/infectious disease doctor, mental health professionals, and who have other expertise. These members are all participating on this committee to guide decision-making. We are very grateful to be a small school with the autonomy to follow public health requirements to do what is best for our AXIS children, families, and staff. 

Symptom Checking:

Please remember to conduct the daily symptom check and temperature check of all members in your household before coming to school.

  • If any member of your household is exhibiting ANY of these symptoms, please DO NOT bring your child to school.
    • It is critical that each AXIS family, child, and staff member strictly follow this precaution in order to keep AXIS open.
    • Please see below for when your child may return to school after experiencing a symptom on the list.
  • We are in the process of upgrading our Procare system.
    • Once the Procare Engage system is upgraded, all Family Programs families will be able to acknowledge the symptoms check and sign their child in and out through their smartphones using the Procare Engage app.
      • Thank you for your patience as this system is being upgraded and implemented. 


Temperature Checking

  • If at drop-off your child has a temperature greater than 100.4 degrees, you will be asked to drive around the building and get back into the drop-off line for a temperature recheck.
    • If your child's temperature is still 100.4 or above, they will not be allowed to attend school that day.
  • We will conduct symptom checks throughout the day.
    • Any student showing symptoms or temperatures of 100.4 or above will be isolated, retested in ten minutes, then sent home if symptoms persist.
    • Please see below for when your child may return to school after experiencing a symptom on the list. 


Returning to School after your Child has been out with Symptoms

When your child is allowed to return to school will depend on the symptoms they have been experiencing and the current level of community transmission.


Critical Symptom

(10 day isolation)

Minor Symptoms 

(24 hours symptom free**) 

Major Symptoms 

(72 hours symptom free**) 

Loss of taste or smell

Sore throat 

Feeling feverish, having chills 


Runny nose or congestion 

Temperature of 100.4 or greater 


Muscle or body aches 

Loss of taste or smell 



New or unexplained persistent cough 



Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 


Nausea, vomiting 





**Returning to after experiencing one or more of these symptoms will depend on the level of Community Transmission Larimer County is experiencing. During times of “Sustained Community Transmission” students may be required to have COVID testing and/or quarantine before returning. 

Planning for Quarantine and Keeping your Child Home

While AXIS will take all the necessary precautions to prevent a COVID outbreak at the school. It is likely that there may be times when your child, and/or their class will need to quarantine for 14 days. Please plan in advance for this situation. AXIS will work closely with the Larimer County Health Department to determine if/when a quarantine needs to occur: 

Mask Wearing

Mask wearing is required for families, staff, and children over 3 years old.  Please do not send your child with a neck gaiter or a mask with valves. 

  • Please send your child to school in a clean mask each day. 
  • Cloth masks should be washed daily. 
  • Mask lanyards will be available for kids.  
  • There will be times during the day your child will be allowed to have a mask break:  
      • during outside play,  
      • during lunch outdoors socially distanced,  
      • during preschool/K naptime/quiet time when kids are socially distanced 6 feet on cots, 
      • when your preschool/K child goes into to the bathroom (which will be one at a time for preschool and K). 


Family Programs billing is posted on the 25th of each month and due by the 1st.
Billing is posted on the 25th each month for Family Programs services used since the 26th of the previous month. 
Payment MUST be made via Payment cannot be made via Procare Connect or the Procare app.
To make payment, follow these steps:
1. Go to
2. Enter your email address (the email you have on file with AXIS International Academy) and choose Secure Login.
3. Enter the confirmation code sent to your email, choose a password, and press Submit.
4. Then you may:
a. View your child’s account and more.
b. Use the Pay button to make a payment with your card.