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AXIS at Home (Remote Learning Option for Families)

AXIS International Academy is a tuition-free public school that families choose to enroll in because they seek a unique program unlike any other in Northern Colorado. AXIS offers a top-notch international education in two languages with integration of social-emotional learning. We use evidence-based practices and curricula like Core Knowledge and Singapore Math. The information below is for students interested in or enrolled in our K-5 program.
AXIS Values Family Choice in Education
Because we value family choice in education, we are pleased to offer families even more choices this upcoming school year. Any family can enroll their child in AXIS International Academy, and then choose for their child to learn onsite at AXIS or learn through AXIS at Home - at any point - throughout the 2020-2021 school year. Families may choose to pivot between AXIS onsite (when public health conditions allow and are at low risk) to AXIS at Home based on the needs of their family. 
We give AXIS families the option to enroll in AXIS and choose from a menu of AXIS onsite and/or AXIS at Home options:
  • AXIS ONSITE: Attend AXIS five days a week, fully onsite (as public health conditions and orders allow, currently unavailable through December 18th).
    • AXIS will be in remote learning through December 18th.
    • AXIS Educare will open August 24 and provide limited childcare spots for AXIS enrolled families who need it for free (or "share if you can"). Fee-based before and after care available. Child care assistance accepted for tuition-based preschool and fee-based before and after care. 
  • AXIS AT HOME: Learn through AXIS at Home all week, fully at home.
    • Choose AXIS at Home all school year.
    • Receive our high-quality curricula and teaching and support from AXIS staff.
    • Pivot to AXIS at Home temporarily due to family health needs.
    • Connect with other AXIS families staying at home to collaborate on social needs, childcare, and at home learning support.
  • AXIS HYBRID: Combine AXIS onsite and AXIS at Home learning through our hybrid option:
    • 4 days AXIS onsite and Fridays through AXIS at Home (when public health conditions allow, currently unavailable through December 18th). 

More About AXIS at Home

The goal of AXIS at Home is to provide children the opportunity to engage actively in the AXIS educational process and achieve educational objectives from their own home. At AXIS, we know learning can happen across a variety of settings and formats. Although technology is an important component of AXIS at Home, we offer families the ability to choose from a menu of online and non-digital activities. 
We understand that some children may thrive learning fully online, some may children do better with a mix of some online and non-digital materials, and some children may do better with mostly non-digital materials. AXIS at Home works with families to find the right balance for your child and family. Student engagement and participation in AXIS at Home is not measured solely by hours on a screen or device, it is measured by the demonstration of student learning, the academic and social-emotional content covered, and the estimated time for student engagement in the educational process and demonstration of learning. Reach out to your child's teacher to work collaboratively to set up a personalized learning plan that works for your child and your family.
AXIS at Home will require an adult or older sibling for support. More support is needed with students in preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, and some support for 2nd grade. Students in grades 3 through 5 will be supported to become independent in learning through AXIS at Home. All AXIS enrolled families who need a device (laptop) to participate in AXIS at Home for K-5 full-time program will be provided one. Our building is closed to visitors, so please email or call (970) 658-4199 to schedule a time to pick up your child's Chromebook. You will need to complete the Chromebook agreement prior to pick up. Headphones with a microphone will be provided. An internet connection is required for AXIS at Home. If you need help with internet please email or call (970) 658-4199.
In addition to live virtual teaching, families will also be provided with Singapore Math and Core Knowledge materials and training, support, and coaching from AXIS teachers. 
Please remember, it is always important to consider resources and actions to keep your child safe online:
Key Components of AXIS at Home
  • Teaching and learning management through a comprehensive Learning Management System:
  • Clear expectations and positive reinforcement for your child's learning and behavior:
  • Synchronous (same time) teaching and learning activities through Zoom:
    • Live Lessons four times daily Monday-Thursday.
    • Differentiated check-ins with teachers and specialists in smaller groups or individualized.
  • Asynchronous (not same time) teaching and learning activities:
    • Teacher-selected or teacher-created videos and evidence-based digital learning platforms: Amplify Reading, Freckle, and Mango for Languages.
  • Daily ongoing support from AXIS teachers (Daily M-F Teacher Office Hours 8:00-8:20 and 2:00-2:20)
  • Non-digital and digital materials from top, evidence-based curricula (Core Knowledge and Singapore Math). Students will have paper workbooks and materials to accompany their digital lessons. Material pick up begins the week after Labor Day. More details will be sent to enrolled families.
  • Provided device and technology:
  • AXIS at Home Daily Schedule
  • Pod Connection (have you heard about pandemic pods?)
  • Please see below for a list of the most important learning objectives for the first three weeks of Remote Learning.
When we talk about teaching and learning in most remote/online learning programs there are two categories of activities: synchronous and asynchronous (you can learn about these here). Synchronous means in real time or "live" and asynchronous means the opposite, not in real time or "live." Based on best practices, we offer both forms of learning through AXIS at Home for academic content areas in multiple languages and specials (art, music, and PE). AXIS at Home will be facilitated through Microsoft Teams and all enrolled children receive their own Microsoft Student Account. 
Teaching and learning management through a comprehensive Learning Management System:
It is absolutely critical that you are able to access your child's MS account and Teams. Please email your child's teacher or if you need assistance. All of the learning activities, assignments, and videos will all be shared via Teams. Also through Teams you are able to access the Zoom links for the Live Lessons and Class Connects and Teacher Office Hours.
To help support families and students, Daily learning Objectives for each class are posted each day in the Daily Objectives Channel in MS Teams, see this picture for more info. We also implement the AXIS Stoplight System for Learning Priorities to help families and teachers prioritize activities and assignments (click to view the visual). Remember Fridays are a great way to catch up on videos and assignments. 
  • RED = This is most important.
  • YELLOW = This is important.
  • GREEN = This is less important.
Attendance will be taken daily and tracked in Infinite Campus. Attendance is a synthesis of participation across all areas of remote learning below. If the Live Lesson schedule truly does not work for your child or your family, you can watch the videos of the lessons or check in with the teacher. AXIS will work with you to help personalize remote teaching and learning to work to meet the learning objectives. 
Clear expectations and positive reinforcement for your child's learning and behavior:
AXIS believes students learn best when expectations are clear, students are supported in meeting expectations, and behavior is reinforced positively at the schoolwide, classroom, and individual level. At AXIS we embrace the best practices of positive behavior interventions and supports or PBIS. You can read more about what PBIS is in general here. You can read how we apply PBIS and our AXIS 3Rs (Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships) in remote learning. We have classes set classwide behavior goals with their teachers and encourage a healthy schoolwide class by class competition to get as many PBIS as they can (see the picture here). Setting goals at the class level versus the individual level supports teamwork and class community and avoids the negative impact on students and class when behavior goals are set at the individual level.
Synchronous Teaching and Learning Activities: Live Lessons and Differentiated Small Group and Individual Sessions
AXIS teachers broadcast Live Lessons or set times where their lessons are live streamed. Many of these Live Lessons are recorded in the case that your child needs to miss that Live Lesson on occasion. Live Lessons will also be regular opportunities for your child to connect with other students in their grade learning through AXIS at Home and are a time for asking questions, discussions, checking for learning and building community. To help your child have the best learning experience please make sure they understand the AXIS 3Rs (Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships) for Remote Learning 
In addition to whole group Live Lessons, the breakout function will be used in Zoom daily during the English Live Lesson 1 blocks to break students into smaller groups for targeted instruction at the student's instructional level. During this time our Student Services Specialist and Program Specialist will join the grade level English class to deliver targeted instruction and support to students who need it. This allows the teacher to work with a smaller group as well. We call this I/E or Intervention and Enrichment time. Some students may have individualized enrichment assignments during this time. For students that may need additional support above and beyond the I/E time, our teachers and specialists will schedule additional time with these students during the independent work block. 
Students who have IEPs will receive services virtually or onsite, including related services such as speech. Please direct any questions to our Student Services Specialist, Ms. Winans. Students who have EL (English Learner) support services above and beyond our immersion program will receive services virtually or onsite. Please direct any questions to our Program Specialist, Ms. Schramm. 
Currently Live Lessons happen four times a day through Zoom:
  • AM Learning Block: 8:30 and 10:00
  • PM Learning Block: 11:45 and 1:20
  • The start times are fixed and the end times are variable based on the age of the children (i.e. Kinder lessons are shorter ~20-20 minutes, older students may be 40 minutes). 
  • You can find your child's grade level schedule in your child's MS Team, see the "Schedule" channel.
  • Zoom links are also posted in the "Zoom and Class Links" channel in MS Teams. 
  • Email your AXIS teachers with any schedule questions.
Asynchronous Teaching and Learning Activities: Teacher-selected or teacher-created videos, aligned independent learning activities, and participation in evidence-based digital learning platforms - Amplify Reading and Freckle and Mango for Languages (for grades 2-5)
AXIS teachers select or create teaching and learning videos for your child. These videos align with the Colorado Academic Standards, partner language acquisition (proficiency standards), and our high-quality evidence-based curricula. Other applications that will be used in AXIS at Home teaching and learning: Pear Deck, Flipgrid, and Kahoot.
Through AXIS at Home your child has access Amplify Reading for English literacy and Freckle for English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies (click on the names to read more about each platform). Amplify Reading and Freckle are digital learning platforms that are computer adaptive and adjust to your child's level. AXIS teachers monitor your child's participation and progress in these programs. You can also access teacher curated resources on our Resources for Learning webpage.
Through AXIS at Home your child also has access to Mango Languages for Partner Language practice in grades 2-5. Mango for Languages helps your child practice their partner language at home - at any time. AXIS teachers can also share lessons in Mango with their students. A bonus of Mango is that each child's account includes free access for family members, so you can learn languages for free along with your child. Your child can even learn more than one language in Mango, they can practice their partner language and learn another (choose from 70).
Partner Language teachers may also use other digital language learning platforms. This may include Mandarin Matrix, Fun China World, Better Chinese, Lalilo, and others that may vary by language and by grade. 
Digital and non-digital materials from top, evidence-based curricula (Core Knowledge, Singapore Math, and Partner Language Arts)
Teachers share non-digital and digital materials with families. You can pick up non-digital materials every three weeks or less frequently based on your family's needs through our safe drive through system. These materials align with the AXIS at Home and onsite program.
Provided device and technology (laptop, headphones with microphone, Microsoft suite student account)
All students learning full-time through AXIS at Home and AXIS Onsite will receive a Microsoft Student Account. This will include email, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and access to these other Microsoft Learning Resources.  
AXIS at Home Schedule Monday-Thursday Summary: 
  • Current Monday-Thursday Weekly Schedule
    through Wednesday 9/9
    Updated Monday-Thursday Schedule
    beginning Thursday 9/10
    • 8:00-8:20 Teacher Office Hours via Zoom (for students and families to ask questions and get support)  
    • 8:30 AM Live Lesson 1 
    • 9:00-10:15 Independent work (listed in MS Teams); Brain break; Bathroom Break 
    • 10:20 AM Live Lesson 2 
    • 11:00 Lunch 
    • 11:30am PM Live Lesson 1 
    • 12:00-1:15 Independent work (listed in MS Teams); Recess/Brain break; Bathroom break 
    • 1:20 PM Live Lesson 2 
    • 2:00-2:20 Teacher Office Hours via Zoom (for students and families to ask questions and get support) 
    • 2:00-3:00 Independent work (and suggested time for specials Art and Music/Theater), recess and PE.


    • 8:00-8:20 Teacher Office Hours via Zoom (for students and families to ask questions and get support)  
    • 8:30 AM Live Lesson 1 
    • ~9:00/10-9:50 Independent work (listed in MS Teams assignments ); Brain break/Recess; Bathroom break 
    • 10:00 AM Live Lesson 2 
    • Lunch (~10:45-11:40)
    • 11:45 am PM Live Lesson 1 
    • ~12:15-1:15 Independent work (listed in MS Teams); Brain break/Recess; Bathroom break 
    • 1:20 PM Live Lesson 2 
    • 2:00-2:20 Teacher Office Hours via Zoom (for students and families to ask questions and get support) 
    • 2:00-3:00 Independent work (and suggested time for specials Art and Music/Theater), recess and PE.
    8:00-8:20 and 2:00-2:20 Teacher Office Hours are Monday through Friday.
Fridays are a full asynchronous learning day. There are no Live Lessons, but teachers are available during Office Hours 8:00-8:20 and 2:00-2:20 and in the afternoon.
Pod Connection
Have you heard of pandemic pods? A pod allows you to connect with other families in a small-group way to support each other with remote learning, childcare, and social opportunities. These pods are not AXIS-sponsored or administered by AXIS. We simply help our families connect with each other through our already established connection channels: our private AXIS Facebook Groups and our AXIS Family Directory. For enrolled families only.
The "S" in AXIS is Social Emotional Learning and We Prioritize Relationships 
At AXIS we prioritize the 3Rs: respect, responsibility, and relationships. We believe strongly that healthy and positive relationships are important for all children and are the foundation upon which ideal teaching and learning is built. That is why AXIS at Home programming is led and supported by AXIS teachers and staff. Students will have ongoing live connections with teachers. Additionally, we know peer relationships are important for children too, and we offer social opportunities for students learning though AXIS at Home. If you are a family participating in AXIS at Home if you would like to connect with other AXIS at Home families for social support and other collaboration opportunities, please email
Week of 8/24: All students/families can do these actions... 

Week of 8/31: Families and students will be able to...

  • Join Teacher Office Hours via Zoom. Office hours are a time for students and families to connect with teachers via Zoom to ask questions about a class or technology.  
  • Starting Tuesday 9/1, Teacher “office hours” will be held daily (M-F) via their Zoom link 8:00-8:20 and 2:00-2:20. 
  • Students will be able to find key information in MS Teams (click to see a picture): 
    • Channels (left side): 
      • Zoom Link Channel  
      • Schedule Channel 
      • Daily Objective Channel 
        • The Daily Objective Channel will contain a Daily Objectives Post for each day stating what needs to be done.  
    • Assignments (left edge). 
    • An overview of MS Teams for parents can be found here.

Week of 9/8 Updates (after Labor Day): 

  • Some larger classes will be split into smaller class sizes to operate with a smaller number of students and better provide differentiation, more information forthcoming later this week to applicable classes. 
  • Non-digital (workbooks, etc.) materials pick up will take place week of 9/8. Dates and times will be shared later this week. 
  • Our art and music/theater teachers will begin sharing videos. Suggested times for specials are after 2:00 or on Fridays. 
  • Teachers will begin posting videos or recordings of lessons, some may begin sooner. Videos will be shared in MS Teams.  
  • The AXIS Stoplight System for Learning Priorities will be implemented, some teachers may begin it sooner. 
During the spring of 2020 when schools had to close buildings due to COVID-19, AXIS teachers and students did not miss a beat. We did not stop teaching and our students did not stop learning. We trained our teachers in one day, delivered Chromebooks to families that needed them, and our teachers began delivering live instruction to students in multiple languages four times each day, four days a week.
In addition to daily live teaching, our teachers made videos just for their classes and connected families with curated digital resources. We gave families our high-quality evidence-based Core Knowledge, Singapore Math, and partner language materials - not random packets. We created individualized remote learning plans for students who needed them. We ran intervention and enrichment groups virtually so students had both whole group and small group instruction right at their individualized level. Our teachers met twice a week to share feedback and best practices and make our remote program better and better. The result? We administered our end of the year assessments remotely in FOUR languages and celebrated student growth!
We also planned social engagement activities like a schoolwide car parade, virtual class lego building, and weekly schoolwide dance parties via Zoom. Our teachers held social lunch bunches, hosted guest speakers from across the world, and took local field trips via Zoom. We hosted free meal pick for children for three months. Based on parent feedback, remote learning at AXIS far exceeded that of other local schools. As a small school committed to kids, families, and best practices - we know no matter the circumstances we will deliver an excellent education in multiple languages.