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2019 Eco-Week Trip at the Keystone Science School

Hello AXIS 5th Grade Parents,

We’re so excited to be working with Keystone Science School for our outdoor education program, and we have just under a month until the big trip! We hope that you and your students are just as excited for this opportunity as we are. This letter contains a lot of important information, so please read it all the way through.

As you know, our trip is scheduled for December 4th-6th, the first week back from Thanksgiving break, and will include 2 nights and 3 days up in Keystone! You should have already received the Parent and Student Handbook in your child’s folder, which contains general information and a packing list. The Keystone Science School website also has a great deal of information about what to expect for the field trip including a pdf version of the packing list and other information about the program.

Here are some quick dates and deadlines to make scheduling easier for you (more information on each one will follow):

  • November 22nd: Medical and Liability forms due
  • November 22nd: Deposit Fee Due
  • November 22nd: Scholarship Application Due
  • December 2nd: Full trip Fee Due

Medical and Liability Forms:

You must fill out the Medical and Liability Form in order for your child to attend EcoWeek. These must be filled out by November 22nd, or it will be assumed your child is not attending. As it is an online form, if you do not have access to a computer, you can come into the office and fill out the form with us!

For the Medical and Liability Form, click here.

Trip Cost and Deposit:

The total trip cost for your student is $225. This includes transportation, lodging, food, and program fees. A deposit of $75 will be required for your student to attend. This will be due on November 22nd. The entire trip fee will be due by December 2nd. If you are unable to pay the entirety of this fee, there is a scholarship available for those students who qualify. We encourage the students applying for the scholarship to show interest by participating in our fundraisers (more information below). Varying payment plans are also available for families who may experience difficulty paying the fee.

We want every student to be able to attend!!

Checks can be made out to AXIS International Academy.

If you would like to apply for the scholarship or a payment plan, please have your 5th grader fill out the online application on our website here.

Parent Chaperones:

We will have 2 female teachers accompanying the group to EcoWeek this year, but we are in need of at least one (1) male chaperone to accompany us on the trip. Chaperones do need to pay $225 to attend EcoWeek. We will take a maximum of 5 other chaperones, and all participants will be required to go through our standard background check in order to accompany students. If you are interested in accompanying us on this trip, please email rfairchild@axiscolorado.org for your intentions, questions and other details.



Departure and Arrival:

We will be leaving in a bus from AXIS International Academy in the morning on December 4th. Please have your student on campus at normal start time, NO LATER than 8:00am. Students should have their bags already packed and ready to go.

As the drive takes several hours, we are asking families to pack a sack lunch for their student(s) to eat upon arrival. All other meals will be provided for the remainder of the trip.

We will be arriving from the trip around pick-up time on December 6th. Please follow normal procedures to pick up your child at the end of the day. If there are any changes to the departure and arrival times, we will notify you via email and phone calls.


Fundraising Opportunities:

As we mentioned earlier, there are several ways to pay for the trip. As the balance will ultimately be put in Infinite Campus, there will be opportunities to fundraise for the trip throughout the end of the year. We have two lined up over the next two months for your students to participate in!

We will be selling cookies and brownies during lunch and after school in the cafeteria for a full week, and then every Wednesday for the rest of the school year. The 5th graders will be working the booths, gathering money, and keeping track of sales!

We will also be hosting a PARENT’S DAY OUT in December. Parents of all grades and ages can drop off their children and go shop for the holidays, or spend some needed time alone! We are looking for some parent volunteers to assist the 5th graders in running crafts and activities. More information on the fundraisers will follow.




We are so thrilled to take your students on our first EcoWeek!


Please email us if you have any questions or concerns,


Raleigh Fairchild



Hong Yan