Return to School 20-21 [COVID-19]

Education at AXIS amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

AXIS is committed to offering a robust remote learning program option, AXIS at Home, for all enrolled K-5 students. Students who need a Chromebook can receive one. When onsite schooling is available, AXIS families may choose to learn through AXIS at Home or attend school onsite at AXIS. More information about the AXIS Phases and our Return to School Plan below.

State and Local Public Health Guidance for Schools and Childcare

AXIS is committed to implementation of the public health requirements and recommendations shared by the state and county. From the state and county guidance, we create work instructions for our staff. The guidance changes regularly, and we do our best to keep up on the latest guidance, translate it to practice, and share it here for families. An AXIS team member listens to weekly childcare calls hosted by the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment (LCDHE). We consult and communicate regularly with our School Nurse, who also works at LCDHE. Additionally, back in August all schools were assigned contract tracers who also work for LCDHE, and we proactively reach out to to these contact tracers to ensure we are following guidance. 

Larimer County Guidance


State Guidance

  • Cases and outbreaks in child care and schools (main webpage of state guidance for schools)
    • Definitions of the different terms are included on this page.
    • See the Frequently Asked Questions for what and how different COVID-19 scenarios will be communicated with families.
    • There is also a table of the different COVID-19 case scenarios and steps in the school response.
  • Tools that Schools (including AXIS) use to make decisions:
  • For previously released preliminary health and safety procedures please scroll down.
  • For previously released updates for enrolled AXIS families, please check your email for a link to our updates page, only for enrolled families. All updates are posted on that updates webpage link.
  • Visit our shared document to review frequently asked questions and submit your questions.
Updated COVID Procedures for AXIS Families and Staff


1) Thank you for keeping your child home when your child has symptomsorif someone in your household is awaiting results of a COVID-19 test (updated 10/12/20)

Nearly every day since opening our doors in mid-August we have had staff stay home, children stay home, and children sent home due to symptoms outlined on the symptom tracking form. Please also keep your child at home when your child or someone in your household hasymptoms OR is awaiting COVID-19 test results connected to a "close contact" with someone who has tested positive. Many people who test positive for COVID-19 are asymptomatic (show no symptoms). These individuals, including children, may unknowingly spread COVID-19 to others who may respond differently and may become ill (mildly, moderately, or severely).


When you keep your child at home you demonstrate your commitment to keep our AXIS community healthy and our school open. Thank you for doing this, as we know it is not easy to do. We need every AXIS community member to maintain this commitment every day, as failure to do so jeopardizes our ability to offer an onsite program.


2) Notify AXIS of any positive COVID-19 diagnoses or close contacts 

Another important action we need staff and families to do is to immediately notify AXIS if you or someone in your household has a positive COVID-19 test (click here for where to get tested - free from county). Recently, we received information that certain AXIS community members were in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. While the individual who tested positive was never onsite at AXIS, the AXIS community members notified us so that we could take the appropriate measures guided by the health department. All schools were assigned contact tracers from the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment (LCDHE). We are in close contact with ours because we want to ensure the health of our community and do everything we can to prevent an outbreak (which is two to three cases). Please continue to keep us notified of any positive cases or close contact with positive cases.


3) AXIS communication of COVID-19 cases and close contacts 

In regard to communication, we will follow public health guidance on communication (see Frequently Asked Questions). We will also comply with our legal responsibilities to protect confidential information about our staff, students, and families. This means information about AXIS community members (staff and students) who have close contact with others who test positive for COVID-19 will not be communicated with families and staff. We will communicate with families and staff when/if AXIS community members test positive, but due to privacy laws, no additional information will be shared about individuals with staff or families. You can view sample communications on the state school guidance webpage.  


4) Close contact with a person who is positive requires a 14-day quarantine 

In accordance with public health school guidance, when a member of the AXIS community is a "close contact" of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, they will be away from the AXIS onsite program for a minimum of 14 days. If they are feeling well during this time, they should participate in AXIS at Home remote learning (or teaching, if a staff member). Please see the expectations for parents shared by Larimer County Department of Health and Environment (LCDHE). 


5) Important AXIS COVID-19 procedures (Based on updated guidance) 

We need you to continue to support our AXIS community in following all of the public health recommendations and requirements, so that we can keep our AXIS community safe and healthy - and keep classrooms and our school open.  

  • Keep your child home if they are experiencing any of the symptoms, even if you believe the symptoms are not from COVID-19. 
  • If your child is attending onsite learning, please complete this quick form to notify AXIS of any absence: 
  • Date and complete the symptom check form on the sheet protector every morning and place in your car dashboard on the right corner for easy visibility.  
  • Have someone available who can pick your child up promptly (within 30 minutes from when we call) from the COVID-19 exclusion space at the southeast side of the building, when they are experiencing symptoms at school.  
  • Direct and support your child and family with the 3Ws: 
      • Wash your hands 
      • Watch your distance 
      • Wear your mask 

6) AXIS at Home is always an option 

Please remember, you have the option to have your child learning through AXIS at Home or AXIS onsite (as public health conditions allow, see update on our webpage regarding the county status and levels). To switch your child’s learning location simply complete this form. 


7) Links to updated state and county guidance 

We know the guidance above can be overwhelming, yet we offer it in its entirety for full transparency. The LCDHE has let us know this guidance will continue to be updated regularly. 


AXIS is committed to following the state and local public health guidance on the required and recommended procedures: 



AXIS Return to School Overview and Phases

AXIS International Academy has established and continues to refine a Return to School Plan in collaboration with local health officials, our authorizer the Colorado Charter School Institute (CSI), and AXIS stakeholders (who include local public health and mental health experts) through the AXIS Return to School Committee, our expanded School Accountability Committee (SAC). We feel very fortunate to be a small school with already established smaller class sizes learning in classrooms larger than average local classroom for most classes. As public health conditions and health and safety recommendations shift, the Return to School Plan will shift as well. This Plan is applicable to both the preschool and K-5 onsite program. Many additional details are below and forthcoming.

In accordance with other school districts, AXIS has also established "phases" (please click the link to view the phases). These phases were designed around public health requirements set around maximum group sizes, which was how groups were prioritized in the spring during COVID closure and re-opening. If public health orders or requirements mandate certain group sizes, AXIS onsite will shift into the corresponding phase. Currently, through our conversations with the local county health department there is conversation about shifting away from group sizes. Throughout this school year, we will stay in communication with health officials, and we will adapt our phases as needed. Any changes will communicated here on this webpage and shared via our school wide newsletter.   

Important Components:

Family Choice in Education
Because we value family choice in education, we offer families even more choices this upcoming school year. Once you are enrolled in AXIS International Academy K-5, you can choose for your child to learn onsite at AXIS or learn through AXIS at Home - at any point - throughout the 2020-2021 school year. Families may choose AXIS at Home all year, or they may pivot between AXIS onsite to AXIS at Home based on the needs of their family. The choices below are for students in grades Kindergarten through 5th. We are considering AXIS at Home for preschoolers.
We give AXIS families the option to enroll in AXIS and choose from a menu of AXIS onsite and/or AXIS at Home options:
  • AXIS ONSITE: Attend AXIS five days a week, fully onsite (as public health conditions and orders allow)
    • AXIS Onsite is unavailable until October 16.
    • If AXIS Onsite is forced to close due to public health conditions and orders, AXIS Educare will open to provide childcare for families who need it. Remote learning will be supported onsite through AXIS childcare.
    • Start in AXIS Onsite and pivot to AXIS at Home temporarily due to family health needs.
  • AXIS AT HOME: Learn through AXIS at Home, five days a week, fully at home
      • Choose AXIS at Home all school year
      • Start in AXIS Onsite and pivot to AXIS at Home temporarily due to family health needs
      • Receive live teaching, our high-quality curricula (digital and non-digital options), and teaching and support from AXIS staff. You can also request a device if you need one
      • Connect with other AXIS families staying at home to collaborate on social needs, childcare, and at home learning support
  • HYBRID: Combine AXIS onsite and AXIS at Home learning through our hybrid option:
    • 4 days AXIS onsite and Fridays through AXIS at Home
    • AXIS Onsite is unavailable until October 16.
    • If Poudre School District opts to offer 2 days a week, AXIS may need to consider offering a 2 day hybrid option as well based on public health needs.
We grant families the option to pivot between these models to meet their family needs, but we encourage families to be thoughtful about the frequency of transitions, as usually children do better with less transition when possible.
If the K-5 onsite is ordered to close due to public health orders or the Governor's executive orders, AXIS plans to open AXIS Educare, if childcare is allowed to stay open as it was in April 2020. AXIS Educare is a free care option for children enrolled in AXIS K-5 who need care during K-5 school closure. Educare is not just childcare, and we integrate remote learning onsite. More about AXIS Educare on the AXIS Educare webpage

AXIS Family Programs/ Childcare Schedule 


Preschool 3-5 years (Tuition-based) 

Kindergarten - 5th Grade 


Fee-based Before Care, CCCAP accepted 


Tuition-based Preschool 

Educare, remote learning support and tutoring  

(Free or "share" if you can)


Fee-based After Care, CCCAP accepted 

Ongoing Communication
AXIS will continually seek input from families regarding important back to school details. Please check your email for weekly schoolwide updates posted on the Fall Updates webpage (only for enrolled families). Please plan to complete any surveys and forms promptly to ensure your responses are included. For urgent updates, AXIS utilizes auto-texts, auto-calls, and auto-emails through our Infinite Campus student information system. Please ensure your contact information is updated in Infinite Campus through using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal
Guiding Graphics
Please see the guiding graphics below. The first is excerpted from American Academy of Pediatrics, "Guidance for School Re-entry." This graphic is a simple overview of the key evidence-based information that guide AXIS health and safety actions. The second is a simple way we will encourage staff and students to follow the best COVID practices for staying healthy.

These are the guiding publications that form the foundation of evidence-based information that guide AXIS health and safety actions.

Understand the Colorado Phases:

American Academy of Pediatrics - "Guidance for School Re-entry:"  (see updated message below) 

American Academy of Pediatrics - "Guidance for School Re-entry" Updated message: Science and community circumstances must guide decision-making; funding is critical:

Children's Hospital of CO - "Risk-based approach to reopening schools amid COVID 19:" 

CDC Considerations for Schools: 

AXIS Return to School Plan

The AXIS Return to School Plan encompasses four different key areas: Facilities, Health, and Safety; Educational Program and Professional Development; Student, Staff, Family and Stakeholder Well-being and Support; and Communication. Each of these four key areas are led by an AXIS team member and include AXIS stakeholders. The tables below include the key area and corresponding key procedures (similar to standard operating procedures). From these procedures, work instructions are developed and give step-by-step directions for AXIS staff. Additional details will continue to be added.

Masks will be required, see more here and below.


Key Procedures based on Evidence-based Health Information ("The What")  

Each key area will have detailed work instructions for implementation across all school areas and the school day ("The When and How")


Ongoing Daily Procedures (implemented across the day, across classrooms, and across the school):  

    • Elimination of non-essential visitors and external organizations inside the building. 
    • Consistent and continual teaching, communicating, and reinforcing these procedures. 
      • AXIS Super Explorers demonstrate the 3Rs (Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships) AND the 3Ws (Wash your Hands, Wear a Mask, and Watch your Distance)
    • Support families in keeping their child at home when the child or other household member may be exhibiting symptoms or they are uncomfortable with public health conditions.
    • Assigned and staggered drop off and pick up times. 
    • Hand washing and/or sanitizing at assigned times (sanitizer stations). 
    • 3' distancing at all times, and 3’+- 6' distancing where possible. 
    • Assigned student desks instead of tables, spaced 6' in most classrooms, 4'-5' in others. 
    • Face coverings (masks and face shields) worn by adults and students (masks) at assigned times where most critical/vulnerable and based on age and activity. Consider mask lanyard to have children keep track of masks. We are encouraging non-distracting masks plain colors or simple print, no characters please.  
    • Reduction of number of AXIS staff members, who come into the building and interact with staff and students. 
    • Elimination of non-cohort interaction, where possible. Recess, lunch, hallway, bathroom times, and specials occur in pods. Teachers/assistants rotate to pod. 
    • Elimination of adult/staff/teacher congregating. 
    • Elimination of singing and focus on other elements during music time. 
    • Maintenance of attendance, pod, and seating chart records for contact tracing. 
    • Breakfast and lunch delivered to classrooms. 
    • Individualized student materials, including unscented hand sanitizer where age appropriate, and elimination of in class congregating. 
    • Implement touch-free surfaces/options wherever possible (i.e. doors propped open, change water fountains to bottle fillers). 
    • Increase amount of time outdoors as much as possible. 
    • Increase ventilation. 
    • Enhanced cleaning of classrooms and building by COVID-certified service. 
    • Signage and markings on floors to support implementation of the procedures. 
  • Classroom guidelines: 
    • Maintain maximum desk/table spacing based on room dimensions.
    • Seating charts will be used in classrooms
    • Classroom floor space will be maximized by removing non-essential furniture.
    • Furniture that can't be disinfected (i.e. soft fabrics) will be removed from classrooms and common areas.
    • Students will have their own school supplies and backpacks. Personal items will remain at the desk with the student.
    • Shared school supplies and materials are discouraged. If supplies are shared, disinfection will take place between uses.
  • Classes will be conducted outdoor when possible and in a way that students and staff can respect physical distancing guidelines, when possible, classes will be conducted in outdoor spaces. 
  • Educators will limit the use of shared PE equipment and eliminate the use of equipment that would be passed among students during a class period.
  • When used, equipment that is touched or handled by a student will be cleaned/disinfected between students/classes.
  • Students will be advised to dress in clothes that are appropriate for participation in PE to reduce or eliminate the need for lockers.
  • Educators will limit the use of shared math manipulatives science and art equipment that would be shared among students during a class period.
  • To the extent possible, adequate supplies will be provided to minimize sharing of high-touch materials (art and lab supplies, equipment, etc.). Equipment will be cleaned/disinfected between uses.
  • Individualized digital tools will be utilized, when possible, to lessen students sharing equipment.   
Students will be encouraged to bring their own water bottles. Drinking fountains will be shut off, per county orders, but bottle-filling stations will be open where available.
Recesses, lunches, and students passing in the halls will be staggered to keep students separated. Recess will occur outside with the following protocols 
    • Playground equipment will be used by small groups of students. 
    • Students will wash their hands upon reentering the school. 
    • Recess times will be staggered for each class/cohort.


  • Breakfast and lunch will be available.
  • Sacked meals will be picked up. There will be no self-serve options such as salad bars.
  • Meals will be eaten in classrooms, in cafeterias, or in other locations throughout school buildings using assigned seats. 
  • Students will be asked to wash and/or sanitizer hands before and after lunch. 
  • Grab-and-go/sacked meals will be available for online students.

Outdoor recess
  • Playground equipment may be used by small groups of students. Students will wash hands or use hand sanitizer before entering and after exiting the playground.
Other Building Usage Notes
  • Nonessential visitors or volunteers will not be allowed at schools through at least the first quarter (approximately 9 weeks after the start of school). 
  • No field trips, including all 5th grade Eco trips.
  • No in-person assemblies will be held (e.g. all-school assemblies, music performances, extracurricular activities).
  • No large gatherings or meetings over 50 people (county guidance July 18, 2020) will be held, including events like school supply drop off, back-to-school nights, etc.
  • Schools and district buildings will not be available for community rental at least through first quarter (approximately 9 weeks from the start of school).

Daily implementation of Initial Building Entry Procedures (for all who enter AXIS facility): 

    • Supportive messaging to encourage staff to stay home and families to keep their child at home if the staff member, child, or someone in their home has symptoms, 
      • By staying home, your child is being an AXIS Super Explorer and protecting our whole school community!
    • Building is only open to staff, students, and essential visitors,
    • At home symptom check/screening via Procare for all students and staff, 
    • Staggered arrival time based on program and siblings at assigned door, 
    • Temperature check at home and at school upon arrival, 
    • Face covering worn upon entry, 
    • Assigned entry door, 
    • Hand washing at assigned station, 
    • Assigned hooks near other pod members and spread out based on arrival time, 
    • Enter assigned pod classroom, 
    • Implement touch-free surfaces/options wherever possible (i.e. doors propped open), 
    • Quarantine/exclusion space for students with COVID symptoms, 
    • Implement public health requirements for individuals coming/returning to school after symptoms or positive diagnosis (see below).
Daily implementation of Building Exit Procedures: 
    • Assigned and staggered pick up times. See table below.
    • We encourage families to have children use sanitizer or hand wipes as soon as they enter their vehicle. 



Student Symptom Monitoring: Student symptom and temperature checks are the responsibility of parents/guardians and should be done prior to students getting on the bus or entering school.

  • Any student exhibiting symptoms will be asked to immediately self-quarantine and seek medical guidance, including potentially a COVID-19 test.
  • If it happens while at AXIS the child will go to the exclusion space to be isolated to minimize potential spread of illness until they can be picked up from school to seek further medical attention.
  • Individuals with COVID-19 symptoms must stay home and may only return to AXIS if: 
    • They've had no fever for at least three (3) days without the aid of fever-reduction medication. A fever is defined as a temperature of 100.4°F/38°C or higher
    • Symptoms have improved/resolved. 
    • At least ten (10) days have passed since the start of symptoms. 
    • Alternately, individuals may return once a healthcare provider has verified that they symptoms are not COVID-19 related and are not communicable to others in the building. 

Additional Facilities Notes

Implement Exclusion Space Procedures:

    • Exclusion space is the space a child/staff member goes when exhibiting COVID symptoms. 
    • Include the usage of personal protective equipment worn by staff. 


Cleaning,  Disinfecting, and Ventilation

  • Spray bottles of disinfectant for staff use in each classroom. 
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers available in high-traffic areas in district buildings, including at all entryways and main offices.
  • Circulation of outdoor air will be increased as much as possible by opening doors. Additionally, school ventilation systems are designed to recirculate air and are designed to work best when windows are closed. AXIS is considering is upgrading air filters to MERV 13 filters to filter out micron levels of COVID-19 where possible.


Priority cleaning schedule for buildings:

  • Daily Cleaning 
    • Restrooms disinfection
    • Locker rooms disinfection
    • Health offices/public areas/reception area
    • Trash/recycling removal
    • High-touch surface disinfection 
    • Sinks and counters disinfection 
    • Vacuum/sweep of hallway floors
    • Entryway door handles and high-touch surfaces 
    • Disinfection with ionizing hydrostatic sprayer
  • Every Other Day Cleaning
    • Vacuum/sweep classroom floors
    • Sweep gym floors
    • Vacuum rooms used for small group learning 
  • Once Per Week Cleaning 
    • Vacuum office area
    • Vacuum media center
    • Scrub gym floor
    • Staff lounge
    • Outside trash removal
    • Detail cleaning (carpet stains, mopping of floors, dusting, etc.)



  • Drivers will wear face coverings. 
  • Windows and vents on the bus will be left open or slightly open at all times for improved ventilation.
  • Buses will be disinfected daily and between routes

Students who use the CEC/AXIS buses will be expected to follow these protocols: 

  • Students must wear masks or face coverings at all times when on the bus. Students will not be permitted to board bus without a face covering/mask. 
  •  Parents will be expected to take their child’s temperature and symptom screen before leaving the house and to ensure that an ill student does not ride the bus.
  • When student enter the bus, they will load the bus from the rear to the front of the bus and unload the school bus from the front of the bus to the back when possible.
  • Students will not be permitted to eat or drink on the bus.


Follow Public Health Guidelines and Procedures on Quarantines [Student, Staff, Pod(s), School], Closure and Reopening (To be updated soon per County Health Department call July 6, 2020): 


AXIS Health and Safety Procedures will be applied to Emergency Drills: fire, lock out, lock down, shelter in place

AXIS Area Team Members (Team leads are denoted with an asterisk*): Jenny Whitaker,* Angie Nesbit, and Keri Dennison, RN* AXIS School Nurse, and Katie O’Donnell both of Larimer County Health Department   


Collaborators: Lacey Scadden, Head of School CECFCW and Ricky Knable, Director of Safety and Security, CEC  

Staggered Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures
Due to COVID, we need you to help us keep kids safe and healthy. To help reduce congregation of groups at drop off and pick up, we need you to please follow the directions, assigned times, and assigned spots below. 
  • Please note that the AXIS parking lot will be a ONE WAY flow. No exceptions. 
  • As you enter AXIS from Silver Trails Dr. choose the south or north lane (see your assigned spot in the table below):
    • South lane for the south spot (C: front doors)
    • North lane for west spots (A: Preschool or B: yellow doors)
    • Use caution and your turn signals as vehicles may merge going north.
    • Drive north to exit right or left onto Bronson.
  • Children will need to remain with their parents/guardian in their car while AXIS staff members confirm the symptom checking.
    • At the Get Ready for School Social, you will receive a dry erase marker and a laminated household symptom checking sheet.
    • You will complete this sheet for your household every morning complete BEFORE leaving to come to school. This will include confirming everyone in your household is symptom free, every morning. You will sign and date it every morning, and place on your car's dashboard.
  • All children must exit the RIGHT side of the car. They may need to scoot across to get out of the car. It is dangerous to let your child get out on the left side as cars will be driving through on that side. 
  • Thank you for being our partners in keeping children safe and healthy!

AXIS Assigned Pick Up and Drop Off Times and Spots

One way traffic through AXIS Parking Lot

(This table may not show up fully on your mobile phone)

Drop Off 

Spot A: Childcare

Gated Area  

(West/Center Spot)  

Spot B: Yellow Doors (West/North Spot) 

Spot C: Front Doors/

Main Entrance (South Spot)

Pick Up 


Before Care Children 

(Must be registered with AXIS Family Programs) 





AXIS Students with CEC Siblings 




Preschoolers and their K-5 siblings (through gate to cafeteria doors) 

Families with children in only grades 3-5 

Families with children in both grades K-2 & 3-5, last names A-J 



Preschoolers without K-5 siblings (into Preschool room) 


Families with children in both K-2 & 3-5, last names K-Z 



Home School Enrichment Students 





After Care Children 

(Must be registered with AXIS Family Programs) 





Key Procedures based on the Evidence-based Information ("The What")  

Each key area will have detailed work instructions for implementation across all school areas and the school day ("The When and How") 

    • Provide the strongest educational program onsite and online with the implementation of practices above. 
    • Pace and expectations of online/remote learning will parallel onsite learning with accountability measures and rigor. CDE requirements will be applied. 
    • Technology integration in the classroom will benefit with both onsite and online/remote learning. 
    • Provide critical staff professional development across many areas including COVID information and procedures, and online learning best practices. 
    • Train teachers on COVID-related social and emotional needs. 
    • Increase social emotional opportunities during remote learning. 
    • Plan for students with special needs and other intensive needs. 
    • Ensure staff understands all of the details of the different phases and the Return to School Plan. 

AXIS Area Team Members (Team leads are denoted with an asterisk*): Candy Winans,* Melissa Schramm, Nicole Bauer  

AXIS Programs: AXIS Onsite K-5, AXIS Virtual, AXIS Preschool, AXIS Educare, 

AXIS Home School Enrichment


Key Procedures based on the Evidence-based Health Information ("The What")  

Each key area will have detailed work instructions for implementation across all school areas and the school day ("The When and How") 

    • Prioritize staff and student mental and physical health. 
    • Involve stakeholders in the decision making. 
    • Supportive messaging and removal of barriers for children to stay home when they or a household member is exhibiting symptoms or ill. 
    • Integration of COVID topics and practices into social and emotional learning for onsite and online learning. 
    • Share physical and mental health resources with families and staff:
      • Consider MOU (memorandum of understandings) with local counseling and mental health organizations. 
      • Support families with access to low-cost testing, vaccines, and services for un- or underinsured. 
      • Support families with resources related to mental health, physical health, food insecurity, housing transition/homelessness, and other resources as needed. 
    • Food Resources
    • Technology and WIFI Support Resources (click here)
      • AXIS has a Chromebook for every AXIS enrolled child who needs one.
      • Contact for technology support.
AXIS is committed to the social and emotional health of students, families and staff, especially during these uncertain times. This year PSD Mental Health staff will continue to attend to the needs of students, staff, and families by: 
  • Creating and maintaining strong staff/student relationships.
  • Creating a sense of belonging and connection for students and staff.
    • Weekly in-person one-hour Social Emotional Learning groups will be held with each the students' English Teacher and Partner Language (outdoors with masks and distancing) 
  • Emphasizing respect, safety, and community. 
  • Emphasizing the importance of attending to mental health, trauma, and building healthy coping skills.
  • Monitoring students, staff, and families, and developing a process to support those who are struggling. 
  • Our School Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker partner is available for support and to connect families and staff to additional resources.

AXIS Teachers and Specialists will:

    • Provide consistency in daily routines to reduce stress and promote positive learning conditions.
    • Use social and emotional learning programs and support to engage students and connect them to tools and resources for remote learning.
    • Offer opportunities for students to share and process their emotions.
    • Individual, group, and family interventions at all school levels including ongoing collaboration with community partners.
    • Services for students with disabilities.
    • Response, intervention, and referral for students experiencing suicidal ideation.
    • Consultation and service coordination with educators, principals and other staff to support student learning.
      • Education for staff to enhance understanding of students’ and families’ mental health needs and additional challenges during remote learning.
      • Trainings and support focused on connections and relationships with students, staff resiliency, and strengthening students’ sense of safety and affiliation within their school.
    • Educational opportunities for parents to include: COVID impact on youth mental health issues, impact on child and adolescent development, and trauma recovery.
    • Interventions for students focused on re-establishing peer relationships following remote learning.
    • Continued outreach for students who face challenges with accessing changing school models; continued outreach to student and families to ensure connection with community resources.
    • Virtual outreach to students who are not physically returning to school sites.
SummitStone Crisis Services

If you are seeking a mental health assessment or have been referred for an intake, please call (970) 494-4200 to speak with our Access Center. We will schedule you for a virtual appointment. SummitStone Crisis Services at 1217 Riverside Avenue in Fort Collins remains open for Behavioral Health Urgent Care, Mobile Response and Crisis Stabilization Unit services. If community members in crisis are experiencing symptoms or are sick, we encourage the use of our local Crisis Line 970-494-4200 ext. 4 or text TALK to 38255 to receive mental health crisis support.

Colorado Crisis Services  Call: (844) 493-8255 Text: “TALK” to 38255
AXIS Area Team Members (Team leads are denoted with an asterisk*): Melissa Schramm,* Candy Winans, Chrystina Crown, and Dr. Amy Molina 

Key Procedures based on the Evidence-based Information ("The What")  

Each key area will have detailed work instructions for implementation across all school areas and the school day ("The When and How") 
    • Begin ongoing family communication July 15 and continue to provide weekly updates.  
    • Consider use of videos to front-load information for families and students. 
    • Stay in communication with local health department and state entities.  
    • Prepare families for onsite and remote learning (AXIS at Home).  
    • Supportive messaging and removal of barriers for children to stay home when they or a household member is exhibiting symptoms or ill.  
    • Communication of physical and mental health resources. 
    • Communication around health office visits, kids being sick (as kids often visit health office in typical times and many symptoms of COVID in kids parallel symptoms of non-COVID conditions).
    • Communication with families regarding all procedures and public health guidelines/protocols on contact tracing, quarantining/school closure, and returning to school (updated as requirements are updated).   

AXIS Area Team Members (Team leads are denoted with an asterisk*): Kari Anne Calarco,* Angie Nesbit, and Darcy Peters; Spanish Language Support and Outreach: Elisa Welch and Tatiana Carol Tur  

At AXIS we believe in evidence-based practices, and we use them to guide our decision making regarding learning, working with children, and implementation of public health practices. During this time there are many products on the market that are "unsubstantiated" according to our guiding documents, even though they may give the appearance of being "safer." You may see some of these untested products in other schools. We encourage you to join us as we work to place energy and resources into practices that have the greatest evidence of working (see the Guiding Graphic above).
As an international school we always look to learn from others around the world. As we learn about returning to school from Europe and Asia, it is important that we also take into context the amount of community spread and COVID-19 cases in these areas as well.