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Accessing Student Email Accounts

As a student at AXIS International Academy, your child has access to our Microsoft 365 licenses which will allow them to use Microsoft products such as Outlook 365, Teams, Word, Excel, and more!
Please follow these instructions to setup your students account.
STEP 1: Find an available computer and go to www.office.com and click the "Sign In" link:
STEP 2: Your child's email address/username will be their "first name," period "." "last name" (as it appears in Infinite Campus) @axiscolorado.org. (i.e.: jane.doe@axiscolorado.org or john.appleseed@axiscolorado.org). If need help with this step, please contact your child's teacher or info@axiscolorado.org for assistance.
STEP 3: Next enter your temporary password "Student.123" (without quotes) and click the "Sign In" button. 
STEP 4: Set the password you would like to use for the account. In the top field where it prompts you for "Old Password" enter "Student.123" (no quotations). Next enter a new password in the next two fields. Choose something that will be easy for your student to remember, plus a special character to increase the password strength. (i.e. "AXIS2020!" or "Child's name + birthyear + !" **We will be asking you to share this password with your child's teacher (in STEP 7 below), so please do not use a password that is private**
STEP 5: If your student is using a dedicated device, you may consider selecting "Yes" to this question. If you are using a shared device, you should consider selecting "No" to protect your student's account from being used by others. 
STEP 6: You are now signed in to your student's AXIS account. From here, wait for instructions from your teacher to determine which applications they will be using. 
 Step 6
STEP 7: Please complete this quick form listing your @axiscolorado.org email and the password (PW) you have chosen for this account. By sharing your PW for your @axiscolorado.org account, teachers will be able to assist your student access their accounts when passwords are forgotten. Complete the form by clicking here.