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Pancakes with Santa - Fundraiser

Pancakes with Santa! Friday, December 13th
This is sure to be a breakfast to remember! Pancakes and sausages donated by the Village Inn, and Santa will be making an appearance to greet students. Bring your camera if you would like to take some pictures!
This is a fundraiser for our 5th grade Eco-week travel fund so parents, grandparents, relatives, siblings, friends and neighbors are invited (and encouraged) to participate. There is no limit to how many tickets a family can purchase, bring the entire crew!
In order to minimize wait times at breakfast, we have a limited quantity of tickets available for each time slot below. If you have preschool aged children only, please choose an option after 8:00am to ensure our K-5th grade students are able to have breakfast before school starts. (If you have preschoolers in addition to school aged children, feel free to come at the earlier time slot). 
***Reminder, all visitors over the age of 18 will need to wear a visitor badge. If you or your guests do not have a visitor badge, please arrive ahead of time to ensure sufficient time to check in at the front desk. 
K-5th Grade Options*:
7:00am arrival
7:15am arrival
7:30am arrival
7:45am arrival
Preschool Options*:
8:00am arrival
8:15am arrival
Suggested donation is $5 per ticket. To pay an amount other than $5, you must purchase the tickets in the front office using cash or check. 
Tickets may be purchased in the front office (cash or check) or online using the link below (credit card). If you purchase online, be sure to click the "Pancakes with Santa" title (not the checkbox next to the picture). From there you will be able to select your arrival time.
When using our online payment system to purchase tickets, you will need to click on the headline of the item (not the checkbox). See image below: