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Your child can flourish through language, culture, and academic excellence.  

Why AXIS International Academy?
  • AXIS provides an extraordinary education centered on multi-language ability as the foundation for academic excellence - with lifelong benefits! 
  • AXIS is one of the most diverse local schools, and our AXIS Explorers thrive in a multicultural, international experience - right here in Fort Collins!
What sets AXIS apart from other local bilingual schools?
  • We implement a top-notch, multicultural education through the preeminent Core Knowledge + Singapore Math curricula (including art, music, and PE) enriched with a global mindset - in two languages, every day.
  • Kids learn in both languages every day, aligned with best up-to-date practices in language immersion.
    • Our students learn from our teachers AND from each other, as our students are not separated into native or non-native speaking groups.
    • Our students demonstrate language learning, 80%+ of AXIS students meet or exceed their annual partner language proficiency targets.
  • We offer language learning starting in Preschool through 5th Grade! Our partner language learning pathway starts at preschool or kindergarten and continues through 5th grade, with Middle School Options throughout Fort Collins.  
  • We welcome students at any language level, at any grade.
  • Our school isn't just bilingual, we are a multilingual school!
Join our AXIS Family!
  • The S in AXIS represents social emotional and cognitive skills development. We focus on the whole child to nurture empathic global citizens who embody a growth mindset. 
  • We love being a safe, inclusive small school with a private school feel.
  • Cultivate your child’s talents through AXIS Enrich: after school art, music, sports, maker, and STEM-programming provided by local professionals right onsite at AXIS after school. 
  • Count on AXIS Family Programs to care for your child before and after school. 
  • Your preschooler can start learning a second language too by enrolling in AXIS Preschool! 
  • We welcome ALL children living in Colorado, regardless of district.