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Parent Engagement

We are so happy that you are here! The Parent Engagement Subcommittee is the heart of AXIS volunteering. Whether you are looking to coordinate events or are just interested in opportunities to help from home in the few free hours you have - this is the place for you!
To better understand what we do, let us introduce you to our Teams - 
Want to join any of these Teams! Contact the Parent Engagement Chair to let us know:
Event Coordination Team
This is our event organizing team, ready to jump in to put together school-wide events. The Team is comprised of many members that are effectively "on-call", meaning that you only have to volunteer to help with an event when it is convenient for you to do so.
Spirit Team
This team is in charge of letting our Explorers spirt shine! They are in charge of decorating the school for special occasions and of organizing Spirit Week in early October. You can join the Team and bring your creative to the table or you can just help out when the team has any specific needs for materials, setup and clean up. Those opportunities will be listed on (click on "Volunteer with Us" button)
Staff Appreciation Team
This team is in charge of organizing monthly gestures of appreciation for our wonderful teachers and staff (learn more about them here). They are also in charge of making sure that Teacher Appreciation Week in May is a testament to how much we love our AXIS teachers! You can join the Team to participate in deciding what those gestures are or you can just participate by providing food and items the team needs to put together their monthly plans. Those opportunities will be listed on (click on "Volunteer with Us" button)
Room Reps
Room Reps are the connectors between parents of a particular class and the teacher, school administration and the School Action Committee (SAC). Room Reps support the teacher in needs that may arise throughout the year and ensure that parents are always aware of school events and volunteering opportunities. Room Reps do not have to participate in every task/event, their goal is to find classroom parents (or other family members) that will help fulfill them.
Room Reps are assigned at the start of the school year. If you are interested in getting in touch with your class' Room Rep you can find their email below!
PreK English Room Rep - [email protected]
PreK Spanish Room Rep - [email protected]
PreK & K French Room Rep - [email protected]
PreK & K Mandarin Room Rep - [email protected]
Kinder Spanish Room Rep - [email protected]
1st Grade French - [email protected]
1st Grade Mandarin - [email protected]
1st Grade Spanish - [email protected]
2nd & 3rd Grade French - [email protected]
2nd & 3rd Grade Mandarin - [email protected]
2nd & 3rd Grade Spanish - AXISSpanish[email protected]
2nd Grade English - AXISEnglish[email protected]
3rd Grade English - AXISEnglish[email protected]
4th & 5th Grade French - [email protected]
4th & 5th Grade Mandarin - [email protected]
4th & 5th Grade Spanish - [email protected]
4th Grade English - [email protected]
5th Grade English - [email protected]
Homeschool - [email protected]
Want to help but are not really ready to commit to joining a Team? That is totally fine! There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in single opportunities. Any time AXIS needs a volunteer to fulfill a need (setting up the cafeteria, helping out with picture day, doing a specific task for an event...) we will post them on our page. All you have to do is pick which ones work for you and sign up that way! Opportunities change weekly so keep an eye on our page by using the "Volunteer with Us" button below! 
You have signed up for a volunteering activity on now what? Here are some details on what will happen on the day of the event!
1. When you arrive at AXIS, please ring the bell in the main door. Someone will let you in.
2. If this is your first time volunteering you will need to bring your ID with you so that we can run it in our Raptor ID system. The Raptor system conducts a background check. Once this is done (it takes <10 min) you will receive your badge.
3. While your background check is being completed you will be asked to read and sign our Volunteer Agreement Form. If you want to get a head start on this task you can read it in advance, we have a copy of it at the bottom of this page. With the Agreement signed you will get a sticker in your badge, indicating that you have passed all steps needed to be able to volunteer for AXIS. Hurray!
4. You will then sign in (we are working on having a computer to accomplish this, in the meantime it will probably be in a binder). This step needs to be completed every time you come to volunteer with us.
5. Someone will escort you to the place where the volunteering is taking place.
6. You are ready to volunteer!!
Om the rare occasion that you need to cancel or are running late please call the AXIS front office ASAP 970-658-4199. Please give staff as much notice as possible (24 hours).
Please email any volunteer questions to our Parent Engagement Chair ([email protected])