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**During remote learning, volunteer opportunities include joining as a Guest Speaker in one of our zoom live lessons. If you would like to volunteer for this, please email your students teacher and/or info@axiscolorado.org to express your interest.

AXIS welcomes parents and community members to join us. Volunteers are an integral part of AXIS. We always appreciate any help from family, friends and community members who want to bring additional resources to the school.

AXIS provides a rich array of volunteer opportunities which address the educational needs of all students and support educational and school community needs. Community members are encouraged to volunteer and support learning to facilitate positive community involvement, partnership, and collaboration. 

For volunteers who wish to help during recess and lunch breaks, a quick background check will be processed through our RAPTOR system when you check in. Please bring a drivers license to be scanned, and a photo badge will be created for you.

🙌 We're sending you a huge thank you for working toward volunteering for the benefit of AXIS students!

Volunteering in the classroom, or on field trips.
Volunteers wishing to spend time in the classroom, or on field trips, will need to pass an additional background check and fingerprinting. The cost of the background check is $20 and will need to be paid for by the volunteer (scholarships available, email jwhitaker@AXIScolorado.org to inquire). To initiate the background check process, please complete the form below.

If you are interested in volunteer off-site, you do not need to complete the background check. Please indicate below, which off-site volunteer options you are interested in:
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