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School Family Engagement

We know that when schools and families work together, kids do better. 
"Families and school staff work together to support and improve the learning, development, and health of students. Family engagement with schools is a shared responsibility of both school staff and families. School staff are committed to making families feel welcomed, engaging families in a variety of meaningful ways, and sustaining family engagement. Families are committed to actively supporting their child’s learning and development. This relationship between school staff and families cuts across and reinforces student health and learning in multiple settings—at home, in school, in out-of-school programs, and in the community. Family engagement should be continuous across a child’s life and requires an ongoing commitment as children mature into young adulthood." Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child https://www.cdc.gov/healthyschools/wscc/components.htm
School-Family Communication
We encourage ongoing school-family communication at the school and classroom level. Each week AXIS families receive a weekly school-wide newsletter. Each month, the most important topics are shared via a paper monthly newsletter. During remote learning teachers will communicate with children and families via email.  When onsite learning is operating, teachers communicate regularly with families via classroom newsletters and take home class folders, please remember to check your child's backpack and folders nightly. To ensure you are signed up to receive these emails families should make sure their email addresses are updated in Infinite Campus, our student information system.
Connecting Directly with Teachers
We encourage families to reach out to teachers via email and connect with teachers during structured times, see office hours. We kindly ask families to not interrupt our teachers during the school day or right at dismissal when onsite learning is happening, as teachers are focused on safely getting kids where they need to go after school. It is helpful if you can email the teacher ahead of time to coordinate a time to meet, which ensures she does not have morning duty or another meeting or commitment. 
School-Family Events
AXIS hosts an array of events, which are opportunities for School-Family engagement. During the COVID pandemic we are working to hold these events virtually or socially distanced in alignment with Larimer County Health Department practices.
  • Get Ready for School Ice Cream Social (August)
    • This event is held the week before school starts to support families and students in getting ready for the first day of school: meet teachers and peers, visit classrooms and learn the physical space, get AXIS family badge for entering the building each day, learn about other important procedures, and have fun. 
  • Back to School Night (September)
    • This event is held a couple of weeks into the school year and offers a chance for families to hear directly from AXIS administration and teachers about more specific details happening at the classroom and schoolwide level. 
  • Fall Festival (October, Thursday before Halloween)
    • At this family fun event, four fall festivals from around the world are celebrated with crafts and games: Chinese Lunar Festival, Dia de los Muertos, French Harvest Festival, and Halloween. Costumes are welcome and there is a trick-or-street  and costume competition. Upper grade students present their partner language skills through mini-presentations and skits aligned with these global fall festivals. 
  • Family Conferences (October for all kids and April for some kids)
    • See details below.
  • Winter Festival (February)
    • At this event we celebrate kids' Carnival and Chinese New Year with festivities and a showcase of student musical performances and a student art gallery.
  • End of School Celebrations (last week/days of school)
    • 5th Grade Graduation and Partner Language Presentations
    • Kindergarten Continuation
    • Preschool Continuation
Family Conferences
In mid-October before fall break, AXIS holds structured family conferences. These are 15-minute conferences where families can meet with both of the child's teachers at the same time. Conferences will likely be held via Zoom. Sign Ups will be shared in mid-September. Please see the agenda and additional details regarding conferences below. Because conferences are so brief, we encourage families to bring a list of questions to leave with the teachers, and the teachers can follow up via email or at another time if necessary. AXIS uses the online sign-up forms, Sign Up Genius, to schedule conference times with teachers and parents. 
Family Conference Agenda
  • Introductions
  • Child Strengths
  • English and Partner Language Social Emotional Learning 
  • English Communicating, Reading, and Writing 
  • English Math
  • Partner Language Math
  • Partner Language Listening and Speaking 
  • Partner Language Reading and Writing
  • English Overall Goal
  • Partner Language Overall Goal
Family Conference Reports
    • Interim Assessments
      • Renaissance Learning STAR
      • Administered every 6-12 weeks (more frequently for students who score below benchmark).
        • Reading* (Grades 1-5, and Kinder students who score above benchmark on the Star Early Literacy assessment)
        • Early Literacy* (Grades K-5 students in the fall and ongoing for students who score below benchmark on the Star Reading assessment)
        • A Family Report will be shared at the end of every trimester. 
        • *Used for READ Act and READ Plan determination (see below)
Assessment data will be posted to your students Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Instructions on how to access the Parent Portal, and information on how to read the assessment data can be found under "Accessing Assessment Data" here.
Understanding Percentiles
Often in education you will see or hear your child's assessment results described in percentiles. This is one indicator that every assessment typically uses, so you can use it to compare your child's performance on one assessment to the next. Percentiles range from 0-100 and expresses a student's achievement at a single point in time compared to national norms. For example, a student with 50th percentile status performed precisely at the mid-point (average) of similar students across the United States. Please see the table below. 
    • Student READ Plans 
      • In alignment with the Colorado statutory READ Act, AXIS composes and implements READ Plans for students who are identified as having significant reading deficiency in grades kinder through 3rd grade. Although not required, AXIS also implements plans for students in 4th and 5th grade who are reading below grade level.
      • Federal and state statutes require the administration of the Home Language Survey for all students. If this survey indicates there is a language of influence spoken in the home other than English, the child is given an assessment screener to determine the child's level of English language proficiency. If the child's English proficiency is below a specific level then the child is identified as an English Learner, and additional supports will be provided to the child to grow their English proficiency.
      • These assessment results and supports are included in the child's English Language Learner Language Development Plan. Students identified as ELs will also be assessed annually with the ACCESS test.
      • The research strongly supports dual language immersion schools as the best program option for ensuring academic success for students identified as English Learners. We highly encourage families of English Learners to choose their native language for their child at AXIS. An additional language can be added in middle or high school.  
      • Over 35% of AXIS students speak a language other than English at home, and we view this as an asset to our school community.