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Pick Up / Drop Off Procedures

It is our goal to make drop off and pick up time go as smoothly and safely as possible for everyone. Please follow the procedures below.
NOTE: Parents of preschoolers should plan to park and walk their children inside, unless it is before 7:30am or after 4:30pm when they should park in the lane on the westside of the building and ring the doorbell on the gate of the preschool playground.
We use the RAPTOR system for all visitors. This requires that you bring your photo ID with you into the building. On your first visit, we scan your ID and create a visitor badge that you can wear for the entire school year.
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AXIS International Academy and Preschool: Entering and Exiting

When entering and exiting AXIS International Academy and Preschool please follow these safety rules to keep our children, families, and staff safe (please and thank you!):

  • Enter AXIS from Silver Trails Drive via Horsetooth Road

  • Drop off/Pick Up Lanes

    • All the lanes on the west side of the building are one way from south driving north:

      • Inner lane: on right, next to the curb for “kid to curb” drop off;

      • Middle lane: for merging and for right turn on Bronson;

      • Outer lane: on left, through lane and left turn on Bronson.

    • Kid to Curb Drop off and Pick Up: During drop off/pick up, students should only be exiting/entering cars from inner right lane next to the curb. DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO EXIT/ENTER VEHICLES IN ANY OTHER LANE.

    • Have your child(ren) exit the car on the right side of the car. Do NOT get out of your car in the car line, staff can help unload/load children.

    • Plan to drive (north) as far as the cars in front of you will allow before you drop off in order to keep the car line moving smoothly. Once your child has entered/exited the vehicle please cautiously merge to the outer two lanes to exit.

  • Exit AXIS

    • Use the drop off/pick up outer lane to turn left onto Bronson and middle lane to turn right onto Bronson.

        • If you go left on Bronson, go left on AUNTIE STONE (to minimize traffic congestion and complaints to the city from our neighbors).

          • Then you can access Horsetooth Road.

        • If you go right on Bronson please take a right onto Taft Hill Rd. during drop off and pick up times. This is a dangerous left turn.

        • Please watch for children who walk home and ride their bikes.




AXIS International Academy Student Drop Off (7:40-7:55 am) 

Two Options: 1) Park and Walk or 2) Use Drop Off/Pick Up Lane

Parents/Guardians may choose to park in the south/front lot and walk to drop off/pick up child in the cafeteria or participate in the drive through drop off/pick up line on the westside of the building. If you have a kindergartener, preschooler, or homeschooler, we encourage you to park in the parking lot and walk your child to the cafeteria the first day to few weeks. You are welcome to always park and walk to drop off/pick up your child.

Parents/Guardians who choose to park and walk their child into the building, need to check in/show ID at the front office prior to entering the cafeteria. AXIS uses the Raptor system which requires every visitor to present photo ID and scan it in our system, which conducts a quick background check. After your first visit you will be given a badge. Please always bring your badge with you. Each day these parents will be able to show their badge at the front office to save time.

Morning Timeline

6:00-7:45 K-5 students registered for and participating in BASE Camp (Before and After School Care) will enter the West/Side door. BASE Camp manages the check in process. Students will be in the cafeteria. Parents may park up to 10 minutes in the inner lane. www.myBASEcampkids.org

7:25 Students riding the buses are be dropped off at the South/Front door. Kari, Jenny, or other administrative designee will greet bus riders. Students are in cafeteria and sitting at bus table.

The ONLY K-5 students allowed in the building prior to 7:40 should be registered with BASE Camp or a registered bus rider. Preschool families may drop off their children at 7:00, please use the doorbell on the westside at the preschool playground.

7:40 Drop off line begins on westside at "yellow doors/hall." AXIS staff will be at curb to greet students and escort them to the cafeteria. Teachers will escort kids through both the doors in the back yellow doors/hall and the door to the cafeteria. Students go to hang up backpacks and then head to cafeteria for breakfast or grades K-2 go to gym and grades 3-5 go out to the playground.

7:55 Teachers prepare students for transition to classrooms and drop off line ends.

7:55 West door locks and new arrivals will need to park in the front/south lot and escort their children into school.

8:00 Classes start.

7:00-8:15 Preschool has a flexible arrival time between 7:00-8:15, early drop off fee is charged between 7:00-8:00.

Afternoon Dismissal

3:10 teachers escort students to cafeteria or bus. Kids sit at tables for each BASE CAMP, Enrich, or with their class.  

Student Safety at Pick Up Time

Each child will have a backpack tag they will receive the first week of school. This should be attached to the top backpack loop. This will include their first and last name, grade, language and morning teacher.

Within the first week of school each family will receive two pick up signs with their last name that should be displayed on the right side of the front dash each day during pick up.

The pick up line is open from 3:00-3:20. As families pull through the pick up line, AXIS staff will use two-way radios to call for the students. AXIS Staff will send out children, and AXIS staff will escort children from cafeteria out the west cafeteria doors to meet their grown ups.

After School Options: BASE Camp and AXIS Enrich

Base Camp is 3:10-6:00pm.

AXIS Enrich is 3:25-4:25pm (see AXIScolorado.org website, search "Enrich").

BASE Camp has an attendance app where parents can enter their afternoon schedule, and parents can edit BASE Camp attendance by at 2:00pm.

For non-BASE Camp kids, parents should call the front office to inform AXIS of any pick up changes. 

There is no requirement to let the front office staff know that you'll pick your child up early from school. Simply follow the steps below!
Head into the front office, ask for the front office staff to call your child to the front office, and sign them out right there at the front office.
You can feel free to bring your child back mid-day, as well. Just return them to the front office, and the front office staff will help them get back to their class.
Head into the front office sign them out on the normal sign-in/out system.
If you'd like to bring your child back to school mid-day, just sign them back in when you drop them back off into their classroom.