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Inclement Weather Procedures

AXIS International Academy Preschool-5th Grade Inclement Weather Procedures

School Closure, Delayed Start, and Early Release 

  • School Closure: School is closed for the entire school day.
  • Delayed Start: School begins two hours later at 10:00am, drop off is 9:50-10:00am, (NO Before Care) and school ends on time at 3:10. 
  • Early Release: School closes early due to impending severe weather (NO After Care or Enrich).  

Although we are not a charter school authorized by Poudre School District, we are located in the PSD geographical boundary.  

  • If PSD closes, AXIS will close. 
  • If PSD has a delayed start, AXIS will close or have a delayed start. 
  • If PSD has an early release, AXIS will have an early release. 

PSD has a very thorough decision-making process; therefore, if they decide to delay or close, we will always do the same. That being said, there may be an occasion when AXIS closes or has a delayed start when PSD does not.  

Decision Considerations

At AXIS we take these decisions very seriously, and we put the safety of our students, families, and staff first. We understand the challenges these actions impart on families who have to find care for their children. Because of our location in the Poudre School District, this organization influences the decision-making of AXIS relevant to inclement weather decisions.

Safety First! 

Remember that as the parent or guardian you have the ultimate responsibility for the safety and well-being of yourself and your children. You can always decide not to send your children to school on a snowy day if you feel it is unsafe. AXIS is flexible with late arrivals due to weather and will always excuse a student absence when called in by a parent or guardian due to weather. Please give yourself extra time driving and stay safe.  

School Notification 
AXIS attempts to notify parents as far in advance as possible in the case of these events, at least by 6:30am the morning of. Prior to leaving home when there is a weather advisory, watch, or warning (see below for more information on these terms), please double check these AXIS sources to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information on whether school is closed or delayed: 


For Pre-Kinder through 5th grade students:
  • Before Care is cancelled.
  • Teachers arrive onsite for planning at 9:30.
  • Drop off is 9:50-10:00.
  • Students arrive and go to their AM cohort teacher and class. 
  • Lunch and lunch recess schedule stays the same.
  • After lunch students go to either their PM cohort or back to the AM cohort. These alternate each time there is a 2-hour delay. For example, if there were a 2-hour delay on January 6, those students would go to their PM cohort after lunch. If there were another 2-hour delay on January 20, then those students would go back to their AM cohort after lunch, and so on. 
  • Specials are cancelled for AM cohort afternoons. 
  • Pick up (3:10-3:20), After Care (3:20-5:30), and Enrich (3:25-4:25) operate at the normal times.
For Part-Day Preschool Students:
  • No classes on delayed days. 


While we will always look to PSD in the case of inclement weather, there are times when AXIS might close or delay starting even when PSD has chosen to remain open. Here's why:
The majority of students in PSD attend neighborhood schools, which means the majority of families and buses do not need to travel very far from their homes to school. As a charter school, AXIS is not a neighborhood school, and we have students who travel from Greeley, Wellington, Berthoud, or beyond to get to our school. We love being a school open to all kids in Northern Colorado, regardless of district of residence. However, this also means that we need to consider road conditions outside of our immediate area, along with longer travel times that could increase risk of incident. 


Important Weather Information for Families 
We are very fortunate to have a weather scientist as an AXIS parent. Dr. Joe Grim has generously shared some of his weather expertise and resource recommendations for families. 
National Weather Service Advisory Brief Description Likely School Action
Blizzard Watch Issued when blizzard conditions are possible in the next 12 to 36 hours.  School will likely be closed, but will likely wait until a warning is issued before closing.
Blizzard Warning  Issued when all of the following conditions are expected for at least 3 hours: a) sustained winds of 35 mph or greater, b) considerable falling and or drifting snow lowering, and c) visibilities less than 1/4 mile. School would nearly always be closed.
Winter Storm Watch 
Issued when winter storm conditions are possible within the next 3 days, but the timing, intensity, or occurrence may still be uncertain.  School will likely be closed, but likely wait until a warning is issued before closing.
Winter Storm Warning  Issued when heavy snow is occurring or will develop in the next 36 hours. School would nearly always be closed.
Winter Weather Advisory  Issued when considerable snow, freezing rain/drizzle, sleet, or other wintry weather is imminently affecting the area, but not quite severe enough to meet Winter Storm Warning criteria.  School may need to be delayed/cancelled, but wait 12 hours.
Wind Chill Watch   Issued when wind chill warning criteria are possible in the next 12 to 36 hours School may need to be delayed/cancelled, but wait 12 hours.
Wind Chill Warning  Issued for wind chills of at least -25 degrees. School may need to be delayed or cancelled.
It's important to note the difference between an advisory, watch, and warning (listen in order of severity). An advisory is issued when weather may happen. A watch means the weather is expected to happen, but it's still far enough away in time that we aren't sure how it will be. A warning means the severe weather is more imminent and/or more certain. 
Dr. Grim's Recommended Weather Sources
The best place to get information on weather advisories is straight from the National Weather Service at https://www.weather.gov/80526. They have some of the highest accuracy forecasts of any source out there, as their meteorologists are local unlike most private weather companies. I'm personally signed up for weather alerts to be sent to my e-mail address, as soon as they are issued. The one I use is: https://alert.accuweather.com/accualert/. You want to click the box by "I would like to receive severe weather watches and warnings for my area as they are issued" unless you want extra e-mails. Unfortunately, signing up for these alerts will send you e-mails on every weather-related advisory that the NWS issues, many of which are completely un-useful for information relevant to whether school should be in session (e.g., frost advisory, air quality advisory).