Support AXIS » It's the time of year to show our teachers and staff how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication! 

It's the time of year to show our teachers and staff how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication! 

During Staff Appreciation Week, we have countless ways to honor and celebrate our exceptional teachers and staff. Whether it's a heartfelt note, a small token of appreciation, or a simple act of kindness, every gesture goes a long way in showing our gratitude.
Below, you'll discover a variety of options for at-home celebrations and a link to volunteer opportunities throughout the week. Let's come together as a community to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all that our teachers and staff do each day!
We still need more parent volunteers to help cover Thursday lunch duties.
Pitch in so our teachers can enjoy eating lunch together!
Find your teacher's favorites.

Staff Name Link to Staff Favorites
Sra. Michelle Ackerman Michelle Ackerman Favorites PDF
Sra. Ivonne Baez Ivonne Baez Favorites PDF
Mr. Nathan Balcom  
Ms. Megan Berreth Megan Berreth Favorites PDF
Ms. Ashley Byers Ashley Byers Favorites PDF
Ms. Tatiana Carol Tur Tatiana Carol Tur Favorites PDF
Mr. Jason Cell  
Ms. Elena Chappelle Elena Chappelle Favorites PDF
Ms. Michelle Charlebois Michelle Charlebois Favorites PDF
Profe. Jose Del Moral Valdivia
Jose Del Moral Valdivia Favorites PDF
Ms. Angie Duarte
Angie Duarte Favorites PDF
Mme. Mathilde Gislard
Mathilde Gislard Favorites PDF
Ms. Ellen Hummel
Ellen Hummel Favorites PDF
Sra. Cristian Jacobson Cristina Jacobson Favorites PDF
Ms. Julie Johnson Julie Johnson Favorites PDF
Mr. Joseph Lilley Joseph Lilley Favorites PDF
Liu Laoshi (Xiaojiao) Xiaojiao Liu Favorites PDF
Mme. Elsa Martin Elsa Martin Favorites PDF
Ms. Sunny Michener Sunny Michener Favorites PDF
Nurse Jaymee Myller Jaymee Myller Favorites PDF
Ms. Catherine O'Connor Catherine O'Connor Favorites PDF
Ms. Danica Raehal Danica Raehal Favorites PDF
Ms. Liz Rand Liz Rand Favorites PDF
Ms. Melissa Schramm Melissa Schramm Favorites PDF
Ms. Stephanie Sensale Stephanie Sensale Favorites PDF
Ms. Anne Sheriff Anne Sheriff Favorites PDF
Shi Laoshi (Chenchen) Chenchen Shi Favorites PDF
Ms. Nicole Turner Nicole Turner Favorites PDF
Ms. Kristin Vera Kristin Vera Favorites PDF
Mr. Thomas Viney Thomas Viney Favorites PDF
Ms. Claire Virt
Claire Virt Favorites PDF
Wang Laoshi (Yan)
Yan Wang Favorites PDF
Ms. Elisa Welch
Elisa Welch Favorites PDF
Ms. Jenny Whitaker
Jenny Whitaker Favorites PDF
Ms. Ann Williams
Ann Williams Favorites PDF
Ms. Kristen Williams
Kristen Williams Favorites PDF
Ms. Candy Winans
Candy Winans Favorites PDF
Yan Laoshi (Hong)
Hong Yan Favorites PDF