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ReadiMask Request Form

Strapless ReadiMask Available for AXIS Students!

AXIS received a generous donation of 300 NIOSH Approved Strapless N95 Respirators for students ages 5 and older.

Features of the Strapless ReadiMask Include: 

  • Hypoallergenic medical adhesive creates effective seal against airborne pathogens, and other harmful particulates
  • Two-way protection (on inhalation and exhalation)
  • Custom fit 
  • High-tech filter media reduces breathing resistance
  • High-quality audio communication
  • Anti-fog eyeshield with the option of wearing eyeglasses over the shield
  • Portable and individually packaged for weightless protection on the go
  • Latex-free

Read more about the ReadiMask, including an FAQ on their website here: Why ReadiMask-FAQ - ReadiMask

These masks are made available to AXIS students (ages 5 and above) by request only. If you would like to request a mask, please complete this short form. Once your request is received, you can expect to receive the mask in your student's backpack within three days. 

Once you receive the mask, please refer to these instructions for proper donning: 


Available while supplies last. 

Below please indciate the name of the student(s) you would like to request mask(s) for (masks are available for students ages 5 and above)

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