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Sunscreen and Insect Repellent Permission

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Sunscreen and insect repellent should be applied at least once at home to test for allergic reactions. Aerosol spray sunscreen prohibited.

-Sunscreen should be SPF 15 or higher

-Insect repellent may only be used if recommended by public health or requested by parent or guardian. Repellent must contain 30% DEET or less.

All sunscreen and insect repellent provided by parent or guardian must remain in it's original container.

-Clearly label child's first and last name 

-Must be within expiration date

-Appropriate for the age of the child

-Free of nut ingredients

I give permission to Axis International Academy to apply sunscreen to be applied to my child before going outside. The sunscreen will be provided by the parent or guardian.
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I give Axis International Academy permission to apply insect repellent prior to going outdoors. Insect repellent provided by parent or guardian.
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If answered no above. I do not hold Axis International Academy responsible for my decision in the event my child is sunburned/bitten as a result. I understand that I should provide protective clothing including hat, lightweight long sleeve shirt and pants instead to protect my child from sun exposure and insects during outdoor activities.