A Huge Thank You to the Daniels Fund!

As a nonprofit that strives to build a brighter future for the youth of the world, we rely on the kindness of charitable foundations like the Daniels Fund to help supply our classrooms, compensate our teachers, and ensure a safe, nurturing environment for students to learn and grow.


For those unaware of this fantastic foundation, the Daniels Fund, established by cable television pioneer Bill Daniels, is a private charitable foundation dedicated to making life better for the people of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming through its grants program, scholarship program, and ethics initiative.

We are humbled that such a renowned foundation would put faith in our mission. Language immersion paves the way for a more connected state, nation, and world, and in many ways, our mission at AXIS is similar to that of the Daniels Fund. With their contribution, we look forward to empowering children to lead choice-filled lives and be thriving citizens of character in their local and global community. 

Our sincerest thank you to the Daniels Fund for giving us the opportunity to make life better for hundreds of students in Colorado this coming year!