Welcome New-to-AXIS Teachers

Although these teachers are new to AXIS, they are not new to teaching. We had a very competitive selection process this year, and we are delighted to welcome these experienced and fantastic teachers to our AXIS Team. Left to right: Michelle Bouchell (K and 1 English), Katy Burkhart (K and 1 English), Ellen Hummel (Preschool English 3s class), Susana Rodrigo Simon (2nd and 4/5 Spanish), and Thomas Viney (2nd and 5th English). With Susana's arrival, we complete our pursuit to have Spanish teachers from multiple continents: South America, North America, and Europe! These new-to-AXIS teachers began professional development this week. Next week all of our returning AXIS teachers arrive for whole school professional development.
We are still awaiting the arrival of Madame Elsa (1st and 2/3 French), and she is slated to arrive before the end of September. This arrival date is slightly delayed. In the interim, Madame Anne will begin the school year teaching French, and then transition to English intervention once Elsa has arrived. Madame Anne taught French last year at AXIS, and she has wonderful French ability and relationships with students.
You can view all of our AXIS staff members here: Staff Directory | AXIS International Academy (axiscolorado.org).