Help Us Grow AXIS

There are many ways you can spread awareness about AXIS in your community.
These are just a few ideas about how to help us promote language immersion education in Northern Colorado.

Refer a Friend

Did you know the most common way families find out about AXIS is from trusted friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors? We rely on our current families to spread the word about the value of a dual language immersion education and help us grow the AXIS community. 
Learn more about our Family Referral Program today!

Leave Us a Review or Share Us Via Social Media

Online presence is a large part of growing our AXIS community, and next to word-of-mouth, the most common way families find us. Please feel free to share your enthusiasm for AXIS by leaving us a Facebook or Google review. 
 You can also share one of our digital enrollment flyers on your social media networks. This is a great way to push the word about language immersion education in Northern Colorado. 

Pick Up a Yard Sign or Flyers

The SAC "My child is becoming multilingual at AXIS" yard signs have been a huge success! We've been contacted by many families saying they found out about us during a stroll through their neighborhood.
Don't have a yard sign yet? Email us and we will bring one out to you in the driveline. Be the talk of your cul-de-sac and the envy of your neighbors!
Feel like a yard sign just isn't enough? Pick up AXIS rack cards to put out at your business, local coffee house, gym, library or anywhere around Northern Colorado. Spread the word and spread the gift of a multi-lingual education.

Become an AXIS Ambassador

Are you interested in helping new-to-AXIS families as they become part of our community? Would you enjoy attending community events to talk about your student's experience at AXIS? Feel passionate about the language your student is studying?
We would be enthused for you to join the AXIS Ambassador program. If you are interested, please fill out this form
We ❤️ Our AXIS Community!