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About Ms. Calarco

My favorite food:
Tortilla chips and guacamole
My favorite activity:
Hiking and reading
Language(s) I speak:
English, but I am learning French and Spanish, and I hope to learn some Chinese too
Places I’ve been or want to go:
41 US States, Europe, Fiji, and New Zealand. I want to go to more places in Asia and to Africa.
I am in education because…
I am passionate about children and language learning. I believe strongly in the mission of AXIS and in the power of excellent teachers to positively impact kids and our community.
More about my life and education...
I grew up in rural Indiana spending summer working on farms. After graduation from Indiana University, Teach For America took me to NYC and LA. I also lived in DC. I taught at the elementary and university level. I completed my Masters in Special Education at Loyola Marymount University, and I was pursuing my doctorate in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in literacy and language acquisition at UCLA prior to our family's transfer to Colorado.