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About Ms. Jenny

Hello AXIS Explorers and Families! I am Jenny Whitaker, and you can call me Ms. Whitaker or Ms. Jenny. Along with Ms. Kari Anne Calarco, I am the other AXIS co-founder. At AXIS I am the Head of School and I work directly with Ms. Melissa Schramm, our Director of Program. Ms. Melissa's role functions like your typical school Principal and my role, as the Head of School, includes many other duties such as running all operations and financial pieces of the school, monitoring compliance, and reporting to our Board of Directors. Together, Melissa and I, along with the rest of our administrative team, do all of the duties of a local district office. We are so grateful for our AXIS families, staff, and students!
My favorite food:
My favorite activity:
Travelling, running and bringing friends together.

Language(s) I speak:
English, plus some French and even less Spanish
Places I want to go:
The East Coast and Asia.