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Ms. Elisa Welch

My favorite food:



My favorite activities:

Baking and art


Language(s) I speak:

I speak English and Spanish


Places I've been or want to go:

I was born in Colombia, and I have been to Mexico, Costa Rica, Italy, England, Scotland, Spain, Puerto Rico and Canada. 


I am in education because...

I love seeing kids excited about learning something new, and developing their language skills over the years. 


More about my life and education:

I recently moved here from Madison, Wisconsin, where I was a Spanish teacher for 17 years. I am excited about being the Program Specialist and Art Teacher here at AXIS. My forte in art is in drawing and mixed media, though I also like to paint and sculpt/make pottery. As the Program Specialist I work with the Admin team to oversee testing, our multilingual learners, kids with READ plans, and many other things!

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Elisa Welch
Program Specialist & Art Teacher