Uniform Dress Code


In grades Kindergarten through 5th grade, AXIS will have a simple, affordable, uniform dress code.


Kindergarten – 5th grade students (including home school students) are required to be in a uniform during school hours. Uniforms can be purchased at any retailer (Target, Walmart, Land’s End, etc.), as long as they are in our school colors (white, red, gray and navy blue). All clothing must be plain without any brand names, insignia, manufacturers logos, pictures visible, etc. The approved uniform for all students is described below. A local monogram shop or Land’s End can monogram the AXIS logo onto the shirts, but it is NOT REQUIRED. 

Bottoms (shorts/pants/skirts/skorts, jumpers and dresses)

Colors: khaki or navy blue 

Tops (long or short sleeve shirts with a collar (polo shirts)

Colors: red, white, navy blue or gray 


Neutral colors preferred and less distracting for students 

Not Allowed: Shoes with rollers or wheels or other distracting shoes. 

Warm Clothing/Outwear in Classroom

Red, navy blue, gray or white 

Allowed: Fleece jackets, cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts and vests (in school colors) may be worn over the uniform top in class. 

Not Allowed: Heavy coats/jackets and raincoats are not to be worn in the classroom during the school day unless permitted by the Head of School for special circumstances.