Uniform Dress Code


AXIS seeks to capitalize on the many benefits of simple student uniforms: less distractions during learning time, less bullying, increased student equity and community, decreased inappropriate clothing, and simplified morning dress routines.
Pre-Kindergarten – 5th grade students (including home school students) are required to follow the dress code during school hours. (Three-year-old, part-day preschool students are not required to follow the dress code, but they are welcome to do so). Uniforms can be purchased at any retailer (Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Land’s End, etc.).
The uniforms and all articles of clothing should be neutral solid colors and include these colors: Red, White, Navy Blue, Black, Gray, White, Pink, and Khaki.  All clothing must be solid colored and plain without any brand names, insignia, manufacturers logos, pictures, etc. More details are described below. A local monogram shop or Land’s End can monogram the AXIS logo onto the shirts, but it is not required.
AXIS parents have organized a AXIS Uniform Buy/Sell/Trade/Swap Facebook group. Here is the link to a Facebook group, it is a private group, and you can request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/714869169389564/. AXIS accepts donations of gently used and new uniform items please drop them off at the front office.
If you need financial assistance in purchasing uniforms please call AXIS (970) 658-4199. Our families find that purchasing uniforms is often cheaper than purchasing other clothes. We do not want uniforms to be a barrier for any family or child.
Students will in grades Pre-K-5 will receive warnings if they are not following the dress code and are wearing items that counter the benefits above. After three warnings, parents/guardians will be called to bring appropriate clothing to school. Please understand the spirit of the dress code is so students can experience these benefits. We have no interest in over enforcing the dress code. We have included many details below for clarity. Thank you for helping AXIS students and staff experience the benefits of having a student uniform dress code.  

Bottoms (shorts/ pants/ skirts/ skorts)

Solid colors: khaki, navy blue, gray, pink or black 

Tops (long or short sleeve shirts with a collar polo shirts)

Solid colors: red, white, navy blue, black, pink or gray 

Students may wear a non-collared long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve collared polo, as long as it is one of the colors listed above.

Dresses (polo dresses or jumpers with a polo top underneath)

Solid colors: red, white, navy blue, pink, gray or black

Leggings and Tights

Solid uniform colors: white, black, gray, khaki, navy blue, red, or pink.


Students are required to wear closed toed shoes (no sandals or flip flops allowed). Neutral colors are preferred and less distracting for students. We encourage solid simple tennis shoes so students can play and exercise fully during PE and recess. If your child wears snow boots to school because of weather, please consider having them bring tennis shoes to change into when they get inside.

Not Allowed: Flip flops, sandles, shoes with rollers or wheels, or other distracting shoes. 

Warm Clothing/Outerwear inside the School

Please note, this only applies to clothing items worn inside during school hours. We do not apply the dress code to items students only wear outside (coats, mittens, hats, etc.).

Solid colors: Red, navy blue, gray, khaki, black or white 

Allowed: fleece jackets, cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts and vests (in school dress code solid colors) may be worn over the uniform top in class. A sweatshirt jacket with a hood (a.k.a. hoodie) is allowed as long as it follows the guidelines for "Tops" above. Students are NOT allowed to wear the hood indoors. If a student repeatedly wears the hood of a hoodie or hooded sweatshirt indoors they may no longer be allowed to wear hoodies in the school. 

Not Allowed: heavy coats/jackets and raincoats are not to be worn in the classroom during the school day unless permitted by AXIS staff for special circumstances. No sweatshirts with graphics. No hoods, hats, or beanies may be worn indoors.  


Allowed: simple headbands, barrettes, bows in any of the colors allowed and listed above (red, white, khaki, black, navy blue, gray)

Not Allowed: Big bows, headbands with animal ears, watches that are distracting, etc.

*** If masks are required per state mandate for the 2022-23 school year, the following will be applicable: 
Masks: Mask-wearing will be required, but wearing times are differentiated by age to include the most important times (i.e. when social distancing is not possible). Masks should be as comfortable as possible and in non-distracting colors and prints. Please no characters. The Health Department has shared mask best practices include having a clean mask daily. Parents may consider having a few as one may be in the wash. You can also keep an extra one in your child's backpack. Some have asked us about gaiters as masks. The CDC noted having layers of fabric in cloth masks, so folded gaiters may work (Early Release of Effectiveness of Cloth Masks... Online Report).Many parents have shared they find great prices for masks and uniforms at Old Navy, you can sign up to be notified of sales.