2022-2023 Annual Update for Currently Enrolled Students

All currently enrolled students who are returning to AXIS in the Fall should complete this process. This includes preschool - 4th graders. (Exiting 5th graders do not need to complete this process). **Home school families: please see note at bottom regarding your registration.
Dear Families, 
We are excited that you will choose AXIS for your child's education in the 2022-2023 school year. If you have completed the Intent to Return and indicated that your child will be returning to AXIS, then we ask that you complete the Infinite Campus Annual Update in addition to completion of yearly forms, linked below. This process can be done on a mobile device but is easier if completed on a computer.
  • Complete the Infinite Campus Annual Update (instructions below). 
  • Complete: 2022-2023 Health Entrance Form -- Required for all students. Informs us of any existing medical conditions your child may have.
  • Complete the AXIS Family Programs Form -- Required for all students (if you have already completed this for your returning student, you do not need to complete it again).  Includes before/after school care and school's out days care.
Step 1:
Login to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account by clicking here. If you have not created an account, or cannot log in to your account, please email [email protected] to request your activation link or reset your password.
Step 2: 
Once logged in, click the "More" button on the sidebar
Desktop view:
Step 3: 
Select "Online Registration"
Step 4: 
On this page you will have the option to complete 22-23 Registration for Existing Students (currently enrolled), in addition to 22-23 New Students (i.e. incoming siblings). Please start with "22-23 School Year Existing Student Registration" by clicking "Start" 
Step 5: 
You will see your currently enrolled AXIS students on this page with their 2022-2023 grade listed. Select "Begin Registration" to start the process. 
  • If your student is not listed on this page, please do not proceed any further until you have contacted the office: [email protected] 
Step 5+
You will need to walk through the registration process by confirming all the information listed in your child's account is correct. This includes:
  • Confirm or update phone numbers, please also select the (SMS) Text message option to receive text alerts from the school. We would suggest enabling priority messages, general messages and emergency:
    High Priority Messages: Includes important reminders (i.e. lunch orders, early release, school out days, etc)
    Attendance: Will send alerts when students are marked absent or tardy
    General: Weekly school wide newsletters
    Behavior Messenger: Notifications when a behavior event occurs.
    Emergency: Inclement weather alerts and other school-wide emergencies.
  • Confirm or update home address
  • Confirm or update changes to emergency contacts. Please note that anyone listed as an emergency contact and/or listed in your household contact will be allowed to pick up your child from school. If you have a special circumstance where you do not want an individual to pickup your child, please email the office.
  • Student Demographics: Please confirm student information is correct. If the Enrollment Grade is empty, please use the drop down to select their 2022-2023 Enrollment Grade. 
  • Confirm or update any health conditions or medications 
  • You will need to walk through this process for each currently enrolled child.
  • Once registration is complete for each currently enrolled student, you have the optional step to "Add A New Student" This only applies to incoming Kindergarten siblings. Please do not use this option to enroll a new preschooler as preschool students may only be registered once they are offered a spot. If you are enrolling a new kindergarten sibling, please see "Optional Step" Instructions below. 
This process can be time consuming as you will need to review every page before proceeding to the next section. Thank you for your patience as having accurate and up to date information is critical for your child's safety. 
Once you have successfully updated all the information you can submit the information for processing and the front office will contact you should they need more information.
Optional step: Register a new student/sibling (incoming KINDER siblings ONLY).
  • If your currently enrolled student has a sibling that you would like to enroll into our Kindergarten program, please use this option to register them. You will need to walk through the same process, completing all the required forms. 
  • If you have any other siblings who are in grades other than Kindergarten that you would like to enroll, please contact us at [email protected] so that we may determine if there is space in their desired grade and language. 
**ATTN Home school families: Please note, the home school schedule has not yet been established for the 2022-23 school year. Once finalized, you will receive instructions on how to complete their enrollment.