Referral Program

2023/2024 AXIS Referral Program

Refer-A-Friend to AXIS and you may be eligible to receive up to $100!*

Enrollment season is upon us and we recognize that the #1 way families hear about AXIS is through YOU! We would like to thank you for your support of AXIS by creating a referral program that will reward you for each family you send our way. 
To participate is easy, just start telling your friends, neighbors and family about AXIS. There are several easy ways to do this: 
  1. Word of mouth - tell them about your experience at AXIS and direct them to our website 
  2. Share AXIS Colorado on Facebook
  3. Invite them to an event or informational meeting
From there, if they are interested in our program please direct them to our Enrollment Steps page. This page explains the enrollment process to incoming students, the first step of which is to complete the Initial Student Application (ISA). Please have any families who complete this step list your name in the "ways you heard about AXIS" section.  
If your friend stays enrolled through October, you will receive a $100 Gift option for a full-time student, or a $50 Gift option for a home school (part-time) student. 
*Please note the following rules and restrictions for the AXIS Refer-A-Friend program: Only one Gift option will be awarded per student. If multiple referral names are received for the same student, the first name received will be honored. AXIS is prohibited by law from awarding referral gifts for current students, siblings of current students, or students from the same household as the referring person. A maximum of $500 Gift awards can be issued for an individual per calendar year. Referral awards will be distributed at the end of the school year (April-May).