Referral Program

2020/2021 AXIS Referral Program!
Enrollment season is upon us and we recognize that the #1 way families hear about AXIS is through YOU! We would like to thank you for your support of AXIS by creating a referral program that will reward you for each family you send our way. 
To participate is easy, just start telling your friends, neighbors and family about AXIS. There are several easy ways to do this: 
  1. Word of mouth - tell them about your experience at AXIS and direct them to our website 
  2. Share AXIS Colorado on Facebook
  3. Invite them to an event or informational meeting
From there, if they are interested in our program please direct them to our Enrollment Steps page. This page explains the enrollment process to incoming students, the first step of which is to complete the Initial Student Application (ISA). Please have any families who complete this step list your name in the "ways you heard about AXIS" section.  
Once we receive their ISA with your name listed, you will be contacted to claim your prize! For each ISA that lists your name as a referral, you will be able to choose one of the following prizes:
  1. $5 coffee gift card
  2. Free pizza lunch for one student
  3. Your student can have lunch with a teacher or staff member of your their choice
  4. Free dress day for one student
Ready. Set. Begin!