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About Wang Laoshi

My favorite food:
Mangosteen, peach, and stuffed pie :)
My favorite activity:
Listening to music, hiking, painting, and planting flowers and vegetables
Language(s) I speak:
Mandarin and English 
Places I’ve been or want to go:
I want to go to Europe because I desire to visit so many great art museums and European architectures over there. 
I am in education because…
......because I really enjoy working with students in learning, growing, and making progress.
More about my life and education...
Before I came to the U.S., I worked in Beijing as an elementary teacher for about thirteen years. Colorado is the fourth state in which my family has lived in the U.S. I am currently teaching at Chinese school here in Fort Collins and used to teach at different Chinese schools when we were living in Indiana and Maryland before moving to Fort Collins. I have two daughters and they both are middle school students. I got my Fine Arts degree, passed the Mandarin proficiency test, and obtained the senior teaching certificate in China, and obtained my Graphic Design with Digital Tools Certificate in America.