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Mr. Joseph Lilley

My favorite food:



My favorite activities:

Biking, hiking, play ukulele and spending time with my niece, Selah


Language(s) I speak:

English, and a tiny bit of Spanish and Mandarin


Places I've been or want to go:

I spent nearly 6 weeks in China teaching English to Preschool and Kindergarten age students. I've also traveled much of Europe and the continental US!


I am in education because...

I love seeing kids excited about learning something new.


More about my life and education:
I was born and raised in Fort Collins with my older sister, Morgan, who is fluent in French and taught high school students for years at a charter school in Longmont. I grew up going to youth group, and once I graduated from Rocky Mountain High School, I began to co-lead the youth for over 5 years. My most recent adventure was to China, where I had the opportunity to teach a Chinese kindergarten class English. With my niece almost 3, I've learned the importance of these early stages of life and how much of an impact we have as teachers!