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Student Absence Notification

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Dear AXIS families, please read this information and complete this absence form to let us know your child is absent from school and if they are experiencing any symptoms. This information is for AXIS health staff and administration.  

Thank you for keeping your child home when they are experiencing symptoms or when someone in your household is being testing for COVID or awaiting COVID test results. 

When your K-5 child needs to stay home for more than two days due to extended illness or quarantine, but feels well enough for learning, please email your child's teachers arrange a time to pick up your child's materials at AXIS (ideally after 3:30pm). Teachers will need 24 hours notice to prepare the materials. AXIS will provide a one-way live streaming virtual option and put together take home work for students. This is only recommended for students who will be gone more than 2 days and are feeling well enough to learn. This is not for students who are not feeling well or who are just absent from school for one day.

Many symptoms children experience are similar to COVID-19 symptoms. Please review these symptoms and if your child has more than one symptom on the list, you may want to consider COVID testing.

Thank you for helping us keep our AXIS community safe and healthy,


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