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About Ms. Sheriff

My favorite food:
I've never met a cheese I didn't love.

My favorite activity:
I love spending time outside, knitting, and baking.
Language(s) I speak:
English, French and a little Bariba (a language spoken in Northern Benin and Nigeria)

Places I’ve been or want to go:
France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England, Norway, Italy, Madagascar, Mauritius, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin . 
I am in education because…
I love working with kids and helping them explore and learn about the world.

More about my life and education...
Studying abroad in France in high school sparked my life long passion for the French language and language learning. I got my Bachelor's from Truman State University in French and Linguistics. Then I worked as a language assistant a French high school. I got my Master's from CSU in French and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I've spent the past few years in the Peace Corps as an English teacher in Burkina Faso and Benin.