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Several of our Enrich partners are offering summer programs around town.  Click here to view these summer opportunities!


AXIS Enrich is an after-school program that broadens student experiences. These are hand-picked external organizations that come in to provide classes in science, dance, music, art, martial arts and more. The Enrich classes that are offered at AXIS for the 2022-23 school year are listed below. Student sign-up and payment for classes are through the vendor and all classes take place onsite at AXIS International Academy.**

Monday - Friday classes run 3:25-4:25pm (See Schedule below)
Schedule of Enrich classes:
Fall: Session 1: September 6th - December 16th (14 Weeks)
Winter: Session 2: January 4 - March 10 (10 Weeks)
Registration OPEN for Spring: Session 3: March 20 - May 19 (9 Weeks)
Pickup from Enrich:
Please park and walk through the playground gate to pick up your student(s) from Enrich at the cafeteria doors ("Park & Walk" doors).  They will need to be released from their Enrich teacher by an approved pickup person.  Any students remaining 10 minutes after class (4:35pm) will be checked into aftercare by their Enrich teacher and families will be charged accordingly.  
**In order to participate in Enrich programming, a waiver must be completed for each student.  Complete the electronic waiver here.
Karnos Kim Taekwondo
Family Balance Yoga
Amazing Athletes
Karnos Kim Taekwondo
Club Amigos
(K-2nd grade)
Dance  Team
(K-5th grade)
 Artisan You
Artisan You
(K - 2nd grade)
Artisan You
(3rd-5th grade)
Run Club
(3rd-5th grade)
Science Matters 
Play-Well TEKnologies
(K-2nd grade)
WEBBY Dance Class
Rock 'n Read
(K-3rd grade) 

Please Register your student directly through the vendor by clicking the link below:

See below for more information about each Enrich Class!
Amazing Athletes:
Our action-packed curriculum is endorsed by Early Childhood Expert, Bonnie Bruce, who reviews each element of our program to ensure our Amazing Athletes get every possible advantage. And our programs show kids just how much fun fitness can be! Children learn the importance of patience, teamwork, and self-confidence in a non-competitive, learning-based environment that fosters a love of healthy living. Their excitement for structured physical activity promotes advancements and advantages that keep children on the path to personal well-being. Students will hone their motor skills, and body awareness, while being introduced to nutrition and several sports.  
About the coach: Hiya!  My name is Alison Moore. I have been an after-school-care Site Director for Polaris and Ridgeview Classical schools. I received my license to teach Secondary Social Studies and taught in PSD. I changed course a few times, became a corporate office assistant for AECOM, worked as a recovery specialist in both lock-down and out-patient recovery centers and finally discovered I'm best working with kiddos in various capacities. I've lived in CO since 1992, after I graduated high school in MA. CSU is where I received my degrees. I'm an active runner, hiker, biker, yogi and love to pass along my athletic spirit, especially to our youth. My husband and I are hiking 245 miles from Golden to Grand Junction in 2 years—straight through! Beyond that, I love reading, cats, my family, meditation and food!
Artisan You is a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio located in Loveland, CO. Janna Flores is one of the owners of Artisan You, and enjoys painting pottery, working with fused glass, and her favorite medium, wet clay.
Preschool: Tuesdays - Art in preschool is a time to explore! This class will involve painting pottery, creating with clay, canvas painting, and mixed media art. Kids will be taught basic skills, such as how to hold a paintbrush properly. They will also learn beginning clay skills. Mixed media art is also a great way to hone scissors skills. Some artwork in this class will be kiln fired. Those pieces will be brought back to our studio and returned the following week.
K-2nd Grade: Wednesdays - Kids will learn basic foundation art skills in the class, along with fun techniques! This class will cover pottery painting, glass fusing, making things with clay, and mixed media projects. Some projects will require kiln firing and will be brought back to our studio and returned the next week.
3rd-5th Grade: Thursdays - Students will learn the fundamentals of clay hand building in this class. We will progress from basic pinch pots to more advanced projects. All projects will require kiln firing, they will be taken to our studio, and then returned the following week. Most projects will be kiln fired twice, once after being created, then again after being painted.
Cheer & Dance Connection: *NEW*
The Cheer and Dance Connection is so EXCITED to start a Dance Team at AXIS. Class includes making new friends and working together as a team. Learning a dance, cheer chants, stunting skills, arm motions and jumps. All of our coaches are USASF certified, come with the highest qualification and have a passion for children, dance and cheer.  T-shirt and possible performance during a school event included with registration.
About the owner, Vel Green: Vel was born to dance, inspire, motivate and make everything more fun! Energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about what she does, she began a career in dance/cheer and fitness in California at the age of 15. She later became a Dance and Cheer franchise owner for WEBBY Dance Company, which gained her a great deal of experience. She and her family relocated to Fort Collins in 2009. 
Vel also has a heart for the Special Needs Community as she has been the Panther Coach in Fort Collins the last 13 years. She is looking forward to sharing the love of dance and cheer with the AXIS Community. 
To register, please email Vel Green: [email protected]  Include your name and your child's name & grade. $115 for 9 classes.
Chessmates began in Fort Collins Colorado in 2008 and now teaches over 1000 students annually. As a Colorado Chess Club, Chessmates provides camps, tournaments, private lessons, chess clubs, and online chess instruction in Fort Collins Colorado.
Chessmates Club includes a lesson at the start of each club, activities to reinforce the tactic learned, and time to play against other students in the club. Lessons cover basic rules, opening strategies, tactics, endgames, tournament rules, and more. All skill levels are welcome. Come learn to love the wonderful game of chess!
We provide your child(ren) with useful and meaningful Spanish language experiences in an anxiety-free, fun-filled environment by stimulating their interest in other cultures. Mrs. Acevedo and Mrs. Mrs. Mendoza have more than ten years of experience teaching children in different environments, working with toddlers, preschoolers, K-12 and adults.  Club Amigos gives children the opportunity to learn Spanish and practice what they have learned in school through super fun activities, games and experiences all in Spanish.  View Club Amigos Flyer Here!
About the Instructor: Hello, my name is Ana Mendoza, I am from Cali, Colombia, and Spanish is my native language. I love to dance salsa and spend quality time with my family. I am a professional with more than 10 years of teaching experience. One of my skills is to use technological and didactic tools to teach according to the learning styles and needs of my students. Since I am a mother of a 3-year-old boy, I have learned to be creative and resourceful when it comes to teaching children. Now, in Fort Collins, I work as a Spanish tutor at 123 Spanish without Stress teaching children and adults and I am excited to learn together and share our culture.
Family Balance Yoga: 
We have been providing fun yoga classes for kids and families since 2014. FBY is owned and operated by a PSD teacher who loves kids, teaching, AND yoga. Your child can come "zen out" after school! We'll be stretching, strengthening, breathing, posing and playing yoga games to promote great health, relaxation, coordination, anxiety-reduction, and most of all-FUN! If your child is craving movement and exercise without the competition, this is the class for them.
Our Mission it to provide Taekwondo instruction allowing students to develop leadership and teamwork skills using equitable practices. Jenny and Jiri have been teaching this afterschool program since 2018 and it is the highlight of their week. Outside of teaching Taekwondo, Jenny works full-time at CSU and Jiri is a Park Ranger for Colorado Parks and Wildlife Services.
Students can expect to learn Olympic-style Taekwondo also known as World Federation Taekwondo. Our classes look different each day, so one day you can expect an obstacle course or balancing games and the next day we may be sparring or practicing kicking and punching. We want students to not only learn the Taekwondo curriculum but to have fun while doing it. We have students taking part for a variety reasons, some are focused on getting their black belt, or competing in tournaments, while others just want to have a fun time with their friends. We adapt to meet the different needs of each child to help them reach their goals.
At Play-Well TEKnologies, we are dedicated to teaching STEAM through play and interaction with LEGO. Our programs and curriculum are designed by a specified curriculum team who are dedicated to creating projects that are engaging, challenging, and provide tools to learn real- world concepts. Our engineering-based programs are set up to introduce children grades preK-8 to new terms and provide understanding of those terms through application to the building process as well as the world they already know. Our programs are centered around LEGO building and engineering/STEM concepts. Each day is different and designed to teach the students something new through building a related car, train, animal, etc and the mechanisms required for it. Students work individually, in teams, and as a group throughout the sessions. A short discussion and demonstration of the days project starts each meeting. Instructors will relate the project to the “real world” and discuss its purpose to the community. Projects are rotated seasonally to ensure that both new and returning students can explore the endless creative possibilities of the LEGO® building system.
Rock 'n Read by Colorful Minds Tutoring: *NEW*
This enrichment class will give students a chance to use their literacy skills in fun new ways. Games, activities, reading to each other, and writing their own stories. Some activities will be performed as a whole group. Other activities will be broken down into smaller grade level groups.
About the Teacher, Amy Ferrera (certified teacher): I’ve been an educator for over 30 years. It is so rewarding to see the curiosity in a student’s eyes as their minds digest new concepts, along with the smile on their faces when they understand and apply that new idea for the first time. Nothing makes me prouder than to watch a child gain confidence in themselves! Every student is different. They sometimes come in with bubbling personalities and eagerness to learn new things. Others are hesitant, don’t want to be here at all, and their confidence is low. I am sensitive to each child’s needs and make sure they are excited to come back. 
To register, please email Amy Ferrera: [email protected].  Include your name and your child's name and grade.  $17/class.
In this 9-week run club, students will be empowered with growth mindset principles while also learning running techniques, all while running and playing dynamic games. Our goal is to teach kids growth mindset principles like the power of self-talk, positive thoughts, goal setting, how to grow from failure, personal integrity & community vision. We teach these growth mindset principles through running, dynamic games and children’s picture books. Also in our program, we teach running skills and techniques that will help students become better runners and hopefully prevent running related injuries in other sports as well. We hope every student leaves our classes sweaty, smiling, healthier and empowered to achieve their dreams—running, in class, and in the world!
About the Teacher, Keri Hanson: Keri is a former teacher of the year turned boy mom and small business owner.  Her program goal is to empower kids with a growth mindset by teaching the power of self-speak, positive thoughts, goal setting, how to grow from failure, personal integrity & community vision. We teach these growth mindset principles through running, dynamic games and children’s picture books. We hope every student leaves our classes sweaty, smiling, healthier and empowered to achieve their dreams—running, in class, and in the world!
Countertop Chemistry - Turn your kitchen into a lab with these experiments that you can do at home.  See our Cool Blue Light and explore luminescence, make your own gooey worms, and make an Invisible Friend using chemistry.  Of course, play with polymers.  We'll also make some kitchen chemistry that you can eat. Please note: this camp will include dairy and gluten and chocolate.  It’s home science that teaches. 
GOOSEBUMPS - Turn the human body inside out in this behind-the-scenes science exploration. Dig your way into the blood and guts of the human body by building your own model bone, making blood slime, exploring dry ice, heightening your senses, and much more. Get your skin ready for Goose Bump Fun in this journey through the wild human body.
WEBBY Dance Company Preschool Gymnastics/Creative Movement
WEBBY Dance Company will be offering a Gymnastic/Creative Movement Combo class located at Axis International Academy Preschool. Our fun themed classes begin with warm-up and stretching exercises. Children are taught creative movement and dance techniques: Students will dance to their favorite songs while using fun props. This class will end each week with fun obstacle courses which will include front rolls, back rolls, handstands, bridges, cartwheels, etc. to improve your child's gross motor skill development. Class will be from 3:25-4:10pm. (45-minute class).  $115 for 9 classes and a possible performance.
To register, please email Vel Green: [email protected]  Include your name and your child's name.