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Become a Host Family for an International Intern

AXIS families have a unique opportunity to open their homes and hearts to international interns during the 2024-25 school year!
International interns will be working at AXIS within the partner language cohort of their native language. By welcoming interns into your family environment, you provide a supportive and enriching experience that extends beyond the classroom.

Hosting an international intern offers families the chance to learn and share about different cultures firsthand, fostering global awareness and understanding within their own homes.
Through shared meals, conversations, and cultural activities, families forge meaningful connections with interns, creating lasting bonds and memories. By participating in this cultural exchange, families not only enrich their own lives but also contribute to the broader mission of fostering global citizenship and empathy within our community.  
What is expected of a host family?
  • Approximately 5 months (half the school year) up to 10 months (a full school year) of hosting one of our international interns in your home.  
  • The host provides a private room with a window.
  • Provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the intern.
  • Transportation to and from AXIS during the week.
  • Interns will be working at AXIS full time during the school week.  
What if my home is small?
  • As long as you can provide a private room with a window along with a welcoming and supportive environment, your intern will be set!  
  • Interns are expected to live as members of your family. This means sharing spaces in your home, respecting family rules, helping with chores, and participating in family gatherings and activities.
Will there be any support provided for host families?
  • AXIS will facilitate an introduction with your intern and support host families while the intern gets settled.
  • The AXIS community will provide partner families to take interns out for cultural experiences throughout the year.
  • No monetary compensation will be provided to host families.
What can I expect from my intern?
  • Interns will be working at AXIS full time within their partner language cohort during the school week.
  • By learning to relate to those who may have had an upbringing that varies greatly from your own, the host and intern's ability to connect, communicate and collaborate with others is greatly enhanced.
  • It is not permitted for interns to babysit or participate in other paid/unpaid labor.
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Ready to talk about becoming a host family? 
Email Ashley: [email protected] or call her direct line: 970-658-8573.